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Kelakuan Licik Anies Bawesdan

Astaga! Orang Ini Blak-blakan Bongkar Kelakuan Licik Anies Bawesdan, Ternyata……

Infoteratas.com – Budayawan Indonesia Mohamad Sobary yang akrab disapa Kang Sobary secara terbuka mengungkapkan siapa sebenarnya Anies Baswedan.

Dalam sebuah diskusi di Para Syndicate (3 Maret 2017) lalu, penulis buku “Kang Sejo Melihat Tuhan” ini menilai Anies Baswedan sebenarnya pemuja kekuasaan sejak dulu kala.
Indikasi sederhana terlihat saat pemilihan Rektor Universitas Paramadina.

Salah seorang kandidat kuat Calon Rektor, Yudhi Latief harus mengubur impiannya menjadi orang nomor 1 di Univeritas Paramadina lantaran dijegal Anies Baswedan.

Anies Baswedan yang disupport Yayasan Paramadina Sudirman Said menelikung kang Yudhi, padahal kang Yudhi sudah melalui tahap yang benar. “Yudhi dijegal Anies Baswedan melalui operasi yang di disupport Sudirman Said,” terangnya.

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Secret Worlds: The Universe Within

Secret Worlds: The Universe Within

View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. After that, begin to move from the actual size of a leaf into a microscopic world that reveals leaf cell walls, the cell nucleus, chromatin, DNA and finally, into the subatomic universe of electrons and protons.

http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/primer/java/scienceopticsu/powersof10/mobile/powersof10.htmlOnce the tutorial has completely downloaded, a set of the arrows will appear that allow the user to increase or decrease the view magnitude in Manual mode. Click on the Auto button to return to the Automatic mode.

Notice how each picture is actually an image of something that is 10 times bigger or smaller than the one preceding or following it. The number that appears on the lower right just below each image is the size of the object in the picture. On the lower left is the same number written in powers of ten, or exponential notation. Exponential notation is a convenient way for scientists to write very large or very small numbers. For example, compare the size of the Earth to the size of a plant cell, which is a trillion times smaller:

Earth = 12.76 x 10+6 = 12,760,000 meters wide
(12.76 million meters)

Plant Cell = 12.76 x 10-6 = 0.00001276 meters wide
(12.76 millionths of a meter)

Scientists examine things in particular ways using a combination of very sophisticated equipment, everyday instruments, and many unlikely tools. Some phenomena that scientists want to observe are so tiny that they need a magnifying glass, or even a microscope. Other things are so far away that a powerful telescope must be used in order to see them. It is important to understand and be able to compare the size of things we are studying. To learn more about the relative sizes of things, visit our Perspectives: Powers of 10 activity site.

Note: – The sequence of images in this tutorial has been optimized for maximum visual impact. Due to the fact that discrete exponential increments are not always the most convenient interval for illustrating this concept, our artists and programmers have made dimensional approximations in some cases. As a consequence, the relative size and positioning of several objects in the tutorial reflect this fact.

The original concept underlying this tutorial was advanced by Dutch engineer and educator Kees Boeke, who first utilized powers to aid in visualization of large numbers in a 1957 publication entitled “Cosmic View, the Universe in 40 Jumps“. Several years later, in 1968, architect Charles Eames, along with his wife Ray, directed a “rough sketch” film of the same concept and finally completed the work (entitled the “Powers of Ten“) with the assistance of Philip Morrison in 1977. Other notable contributors to this effort include Philip’s wife Phylis, who has assisted in translation of the concept into several beautifully illustrated books that are currently still available through the booksellers.

Purchase Nikon’s Small World 2017 Calendar – The Nikon Small World 2017 Calendar is printed in full color on 8.5 x 11 semi-gloss paper and spiral bound for mounting on the wall. Included in the calendar are the top 20 prize winners and thumbnail images from all of the 15 honorable mentions. Winning entries included neurons, Quantum Dot crystals, plant tissues and fibers, cells in culture, recrystallized chemicals, animal tissue sections, a tapeworm, and several microscopic invertebrates. This year’s contest drew entrants from over 50 countries, as well as from a diverse range of academic and professional disciplines. Winners came from such fields as chemistry, biology, materials research, botany, and biotechnology.

Contributing Authors

David A. Hahn, Christopher A. Burdett and Michael W. Davidson – National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, 1800 East Paul Dirac Dr., The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, 32310.

Questions or comments? Send us an email.
© 1995-2017 by Michael W. Davidson and The Florida State University. All Rights Reserved. No images, graphics, software, scripts, or applets may be reproduced or used in any manner without permission from the copyright holders. Use of this website means you agree to all of the Legal Terms and Conditions set forth by the owners.
This website is maintained by our
Graphics & Web Programming Team
in collaboration with Optical Microscopy at the
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.
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Visit the websites of our partners in education:

Source: http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/primer/java/scienceopticsu/powersof10/index.html


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Without True Knowledge of the Past, There is No Future

“Hana nguni hana mangke, tan hana nguni tan hana mangke, aya ma baheula aya tu ayeuna, hanteu ma baheula hante tu ayeuna. Hana tunggak hata watang, tan hana tunggak, tan hana watang, hana ma tunggulna aya tu catangna” (“Ada dahulu ada sekarang, bial takj ada dahuilu maka tak ada masa sekarang, karena masa silam maka ada masa kini, bila tak ada masa silam maka tak ada masa kini. Ada tunngakl tentu ada batang, bila tak ada tunggak maka tak ada batang, bila ada tunggulnya tentu ada batangnya”.)

Rakeyan Damasiksa, raja Sunda (1175-1297) dalam Naskah Amanat Galunggung.

You may think you come from some smart apes or from no-where, however, wouldn’t it just be nice to know the real truth. The only reason you don’t know is that ‘
The legacy we leave to our future generations. Let’s be the change and make the world a better place! ♥

Without True Knowledge of the Past, There is No Future

You may think you come from some smart apes or from no-where, however, wouldn’t it just be nice to know the real truth. The only reason you don’t know is that ‘they’ have lied to you and you have never been searching for it, that is, until now.

Conventional philosophical, historical, scientific and religious sources should have explained why you are here, and what you must do to achieve what you were meant to achieve in this life. And to do that, you first have to understand what you really are, because you truly don’t know, do you?

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Kronologi Sejarah Pulau Jawa (10.000 SM – 2017)

Kronologi Sejarah Pulau Jawa (10.000 SM – 2017)


Selamat malam, agan dan aganwati sekalian. emoticon-Malu (S) Izinkanlah ane yang masih newbie ini berbagi sebuah video bikinan ane tentang peta sejarah Jawa dari taun 10.000 SM – 2017 ini. Dari munculnya kebudayaan Gunung Padang, zaman Hindu-Buddha, Islam, kolonial, sampai lahirnya Indonesia Raya ini.

Ane juga bikin catatan kronologinya dari tahun ke tahun. Sumber infonya ane ambil dari kompilasi babad, kidung, naskah, prasasti, wiki & buku sejarah. Ane coba bikin seakurat yang ane bisa, jadi kalo agan nemu ada yang salah mohon dikoreksi ya! emoticon-Blue Guy Peace

Oke, langsung saja:



Spoiler for Sebelum Masehi

Kronologi Sejarah Pulau Jawa (10.000 SM - 2017)

  • 10000 SM – Kebudayaan Gunung Padang muncul di Cianjur.
  • 9500 SM – Kebudayaan Goa Pawon muncul di Bandung.
  • 7500 SM – Kebudayaan Pangguyangan muncul di Sukabumi.
  • 4000 SM – Tahap kedua kebudayaan Gunung Padang.
  • 3000 SM – Kebudayaan Cibedug muncul di Lebak.
  • 2000 SM – Tahap ketiga kebudayaan Gunung Padang.
  • 1000 SM – Kebudayaan Cipari muncul di Kuningan.
  • 800 SM – Kebudayaan Pasir Angin muncul di Bogor.
  • 500 SM – Cipari ditinggalkan.
  • 400 SM – Gunung Padang ditinggalkan. Kebudayaan Buni muncul di Bekasi. Pasir Angin kemungkinan berkembang menjadi peradaban kuno Caringin Kurung.


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Tantangan Pendidikan Moral (Pemberadaban) Manusia Modern

Gambar terkaitTantangan terberat bagi kita para orang tua dan para guru sejati dalam mendidik atau tepatnya “memberadabkan (Ta’dib) generasi muda –khususnya anak kita sendiri– adalah membentengi jiwanya dari hegemoni individualisme-egoistik humanisme anthroposentrik liberal dalam materialisme-modernisme ala Barat dalam dunia lembaga pendidikan formal dan informal, maupun media massa elektronik dan lingkungan pergaulannya (peer grup). Karena semua ini justru malah menghancurkan otoritas pembimbingan, pendidikan dan pemberadaban dari para orang tua, ulama dan para guru tradisional suci yang luhur-mulia, yang masih menjunjung tinggi nilai-nilai ilahiyah dan akhlakul karimah (budhi pekerti). Inikah “Generation Gaps”? , atau dalam bahasa KH Abdul Azis Tempurejo Jember disebut “hilangnya “Sistem Sentral Keberguruan”. Bagaimana menurut amatan, opini dan analisa para sahabat ? Mari berdiskusi dan bertukar & berbagi pengalaman dan wawasan. (AYS, Maret 2017)

Apa yang menjadi gagasan pemikiran sosiolog modern ini belum tentu benar semuanya. Terutama ketika ia memandang rendah (melecehkan) otoritas tradisonal suci/sakral dan otoritas kharismatis sebagai tidak rasional dan tidak ilmiah. Ini juga tantangan besar buat Nahdatul Ulama (NU), serta para Budayawan-Spiritualis. http://juliansyahzen.blogspot.co.id/…/teori-otoritas…

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#JOKOWI, #FREEPORT, DAN HAK ANGKET…!!! Pintu kehancuran Amerika


Pintu kehancuran Amerika

Saat ini, DPR RI dari koalisi Gerindra cs sedang asyik menggulirkan hak Angket DPR terhadap keputusan pemerintah mengembalikan Jabatan Gubernur kepada Petahana Ahok.

Reaksi kecewa DPR diwujudkan dengan menggulirkan hak angket DPR terhadap pemerintah.

Ini tidak begitu mengejutkan, karena sebelum hak angket bergulir, Presiden juga akan digulingkan dengan isu2 tidak waras para oposisi yang oportunis.

Mulai dari Aksi 411 dan 212 yang terindikasi gerakan makar, hingga di bekuknya beberapa pentolan aksi yg ingin mengarahkan demonstran ke Gedung DPR untuk menggugat pemakzulan Presiden.

Tapi aksi ini gagal Total. Aksi dilanjutkan dengan isu penyadapan boss cikeas yang merasa disadap oleh tim hukum Ahok terkait pembicaraan telepon dgn ketua MUI makruf Amin.

Demokrat dan sekutunya menggulirkan hak angket untuk menginvestigasi hal tsbut.

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Rekonstruksi Kerajaan Pengging Kuno

Rekso Amukti Ahmad menambahkan 3 foto barumencari jawaban bersama Ce Ce Nicky dan 22 lainnya di Lokalisasi Semampir Kediri.

9 Maret pukul 20:44 ·


“Rekonstruksi Kerajaan Pengging Kuno…” (Menelaah tetesan Pajang)

Upaya mengungkap keberadaan keraton Pengging

A. Data Administrasi Lokasi

Foto Rekso Amukti Ahmad.Situs keraton Pengging berada didesa Ngaru yang termasuk wilayah Kecamatan Banyudono Kabupaten Boyolali Provinsi Jawa Tengah, jika diukur dari permukaan air laut ketinggian situs sekitar 177 meter dengan letak astronomis 40 21 1311 Bujur Timur dan 7 0 131 39 ½ 1 Lintang Selatan

Kawasan ini memiliki kepadatan penduduk 1.776 jiwa / km2, pada umumnya masyarakat hidup disektor pertanian khususnya tanaman pangan, daerah ini merupakan salah satu daerah subur dan andalan penghasil pangan bagi kabupaten Boyolali

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Atlantis in the Java Sea

A scientific effort to match Plato’s narrative location for Atlantis


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