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Foto Profil AndaAhmad Yanuana Samantho membagikan foto Richard Cassaro.
 Indonesia ini tempat asalnya Ajaran Universal Masonik dan Theosophy Illuminati yg sejati. Tapi yang Ilahiyah (Divine-Perennial, Berketuhanan YME) ), bukan Illuminati dan Fremasonry Moderen yg Luciferian-Kabbalist-Zionis pengikut dan penyembah Setan Iblis Lucifer. Indonesia juga tempat lahirnya agama-agama besar dunia Pra Nabi Ibrahim.
Foto Ahmad Yanuana Samantho.
Foto Richard Cassaro.



Foto Ahmad Yanuana Samantho.

Foto Ahmad Yanuana Samantho.

Foto Ahmad Yanuana Samantho.

Richard Cassaro,  6 Januari pukul 2:22 ·


Are you moved by these ancient cultural parallels on opposite sides of the world? These ruins are neither random nor coincidental; they are the remnants of what I call a “Universal Religion” that I believe was once shared globally by the pyramid cultures during the “Golden Age” described by the ancient Greeks, Hindus, and others. If these visual parallels interest you, I invite you to delve deeper—as these visual similarities are only superficial. Here is a short video that outlines some of the discoveries published in my 2016 eBook, “The Missing Link”: http://www.richardcassaro.com/books-videos/the-missing-link

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Antonio SantosAntonio Santos cool work
yhis, in a future,, will allow for helping restoring the ancient // original WORLD RELIGION .. the religion of PAN .. the one from our origianl EDEN ./// SUNDALAND PARADISE>
Pavel FaiglPavel Faigl Religion of PAN? Has not been a serious interest to do just that by the occultists in Germany and England at the end of XIX century? Dion Fortune came bit late (say 1920-30ies) and was also involved…http://www.patheos.com/…/a-witchs-guide-to-dion-fortune/
Dion Fortune wasn’t a Witch or a Wiccan, and she probably didn’t identify as a Pagan either, but…
There lies the secret if ancient Atlantis tech now lost
Including nuclear stuff taken from the set in the past. But evidence of magical behavior in this material world and Alchemy and the secrets to materials mastering
Those secrets are still to surface and show their true cradle Sundaland Atlantis
Dedi SumamiharjaDedi Sumamiharja Dua kebudayaan yang berbeda keturunan Sayyid Anwar dan Keturunan Sayyid Anwas..

The ancient people of this wide continental LANDMASS (Africa to Sundaland) believes somewhere beyond the ocean is the edge of the world, into the unknown, mythical landmass and people coming from the ‘other side’, the ‘feathered ones’ are supernatural! They can not believe or accept such people can exist in the ocean, they can not understand the maps and star charts of these feathered people as manifested in pyramids, stonehenge, mega lines and petroglyphs, etc, and so they treat them mystic/sacred! They rebuilt these artifacts to become temples, having faith more than reason! Religion clouded them…clouded us…religion gave us war, religion made us hate each other…dragging humanity down!

Landmass VS Islands
Walkers VS Navigators
Metal dressed VS Feathered suits
Ancient Athens VS Atlantis
Hegemony VS Diversity
Faith VS Reason

Dominique GörlitzDominique Görlitz I am going to publish an article about proto-cartography in the renowned journal “The Catogrpahy” soon. At the end of this paper I am writting about a quite unknow atlas which was purchased by the Portuguese at Calicut in 1511. This atlas is derived from Java and shows incredible geographical details…

If you like I would try to publish your graphic above in this paper in order to empahsize unknown world wide trade and exploration before the Europeans…
There is my mail: dominique.goerlitz@t-online.deI am looking forward to hear from you! Maybe you some other and even more impressive pictures for the scientific paper…

All best wishes from Germany

Dominique Görlitz

Mus Nunggangblarakmabur MangkurondosongoMus Nunggangblarakmabur MangkurondosongoIs that the map reported by Alburqueque, dubbed “java map”?
Antonio SantosAntonio Santos Indeed the ages decline 

From golden to silver to Bronze to iron. ..

But reAscension follows

The wheel turns and. As the Sun turns around SIRIUS A the new cycle begins
As the galaxy aligns to its center we enter a new precessional cycle

We are now regaining conscience
And the whole planet reflects it
Even the animals and the machines resume more conscientious

All in the planet returns to golden age and immortality

The spiritual world is about to reunite with the material … Namastee

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