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Tumpukan “Sampah” Dokumen yang menunjukkan bahwa Dewan Pemilik Federal Reserve Melakukan Penipuan Langsung

WOW, Naudzubillah min Dzalik, Mungkin inilah yang sebenarnya terjadi (yang rahasianya sedang dibongkar Tuhan YME) di balik Fenomena Gunung Es Penipuan Dimas Kanjeng. dll, Termasuk rencana “seseorang menyiapkan dana 70 Triyun Rupiah dan mengumpulkan dokumen pertanahan untuk membeli dan memborong tanah pertanian di Jawa Barat, khususnya di seputar Jabodetabek . Pantesan kenapa kemarin sebelum shalat Jum’at saya memainkan seruling dan flute lagu Indonesia Pusaka, sambil berurai air mata menangis dan mengelegak gemuruh jantung di Dada. Thanks kang Hilman Jumena .

Document dump shows Federal Reserve Board based on outright fraud

Posted by benjamin

Benjamin Fulford will be speaking at a live event in Montreal Canada on October 15-16. For information, please click on this link:

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Terjemahan oleh Ahmad Yanuana Samantho,  8 Oktober 2016, jam 9.45 WIB dari https://benjaminfulford.net/
Original Text in English:

Documents leaked by US government personnel reveal in detail how the owners of Federal Reserve Board created the 2008 Lehman crisis as a way to steal vast sums from the people of the planet.
The documents show how an Indonesian by the name of Yohannes Riyadi Johannes Riyadi
used 700 tons of gold that originally belonged for former Indonesian President Soekarno to back a US$500 billion bond issue. This money was used to bribe senior Indonesian government officials, according to CIA officials based in Asia.

The 700 tons gold was then magically transformed by Khazarian mafia employed forgerer and fraudster Wilfredo SaurinWilfredo-Sarabia-Saurin-DOB-02NOV54-Philippines-passport-wil1 into 750,000 tons of gold backed certificates, the sources say. J.P. Morgan Chase Bank then took the “750,000 metric tons” and sent the rights to the gold to the Royal Bank of Scotland, with payments going to HSBC holdings before the “gold” ended up at the Federal Reserve Board who then transformed the gold into dollars in a sort of reverse alchemy.

The 23 trillion dollars thus magically created were used by the owners of the Federal Reserve Board to buy on the cheap assets around the world whose value had crashed because of the engineered Lehman shock crash, the sources say. “This has amounted to the largest criminal theft of global assets in history using digital money created on computers, backed by nonexistent Gold,” was how one CIA officer described the scam. This huge fraud vastly increased the concentration of the Khazarian mafia’s ownership of the world’s corporations and assets.

Various documents related to this fraud, including copies of the SWIFT transaction documents, can be seen below in the subscription portion of this blog and will be made available free of charge to the general public on Thursday, October 6th.

As this document release illustrates, action against the Khazarian mafia and their Federal Reserve Board based fraudulent financial system is escalating. That is probably why document shredding trucks were seen parked in front of the Fed’s New York headquarters last week.


Just Spotted In Front Of The New York Fed | Zero Hedge
Three months later, the shredders are back…

There can be no doubt about it, the New York Federal Reserve bank is a crime scene and evidence is being destroyed.

The Pentagon meanwhile, has released more details about the new financial system that is will replace the fraudulent and defunct Federal Reserve Board, possibly as early as this month. The voting rights in the new system will be allocated as follows: with China getting

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Benjamin Fulford will be speaking at a live event in Montreal Canada on October 15-16. For information, please click on this link:

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