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Bambo Flute Universal Music From Sundaland

I have always loved music.

And I have been working with musicians and musical instruments since I was a kid

In my first jobs I learned to love music in a special way. I love its complexity and its simplicity. It is two distinct worlds that match, harmony and distortion… Music and pause..

And I have been a roadie, studio set up helper, and also worked in the field of shows and event production.. and with musical instruments repair .. .basically violins and guitars.. .as a Luthier apprentice.

I leaerned to appreciate miusic in its many instances.. And I can swear that playing an instrument to completion in not an easy task… it requires a lifetime of dedication. and the instrument has to become an EXTENSION of the musicians soul… to act as his “instrument”.

I have seen marvels… really virtuose people.
but some things still impress me … for they are not simply easy. or possible to be learned. That is the soul of music and of creation…

like what can be seen in this REED (BAMBOO) FLUTE player // who achieved this level of sophistication and compromise… and is near impossible to copy.. mind to make or play such instrument… AFAIK – not possible.

Well.. but there is magic in the world.. and MUSIC is a RELIGION..
For it lifts our souls, it is necessary and a must have… a gift from the divine.

So.. I invite you to hear this and TUNE IN the sounds of the SOUL OF SUNDA .

and imagine ….. how is it possible to make such sound from a Bamboo stick.. serious… just making BEAUTY from the dull. conceiving such a beauty from the ordinary…

That makes us realize ALL NATIVE SOUNDS come from the SOURCE… the TRUE SOURCE… as in one sinchretized set… towards singularity.. it leads back. straigh there..

something I have seen before, but not often….as produce of simple and natural., of compromise to sustainability and union to nature…

The true values cherished… the one swe must share… VIRTUES>. and in the sharing we become complementary and omplete…
in nature… in preserving SOURCE, and valuing sustainability.. that is what we learn in a true MODEL like UNION in DIVERSITY>.. something we all should cherish and follow.

Like we learn in the East.. The ORIGIN… the true Orient that shall Orient us all.





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