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The original inhabitants of the Indonesian Islands are probably GIANTS

Ahmad Yanuana Samantho membagikan foto Anugerah Sentot Sudono.

Foto Anugerah Sentot Sudono.
Anugerah Sentot Sudono di Tapak Tuan, Aceh Selatan.

The original inhabitants of the Indonesian Islands are probably GIANTS

The original inhabitants of the Indonesian Islands are probably GIANTS.
In Tapak Tuan, Southern Aceh, Sumatera Indonesia there is a giant human footprint with a height of probably around 5 meters. This is even bigger than the south african giant human footprint that Michael Tellinger posted in youtube. The local authority already cemented the giant footprint because the site location is near the sea.




The site location name is Tapak Tuan which means “Footprint of The Master”. So the giant footprint has been there for a long time and the location near the site is named based on the name of the giant footprint site.


Local legend about the giant footprint tell a story of an Indian Princess kidnapped by dragons and then rescued by Tuan Tapa (the owner of the giant footprint). And in the same location we can visit Tuan Tapa’s Tomb which has a length of about 20 meters.



Beside the giant footprint in Southern Aceh Sumatera there are also other giant footprints in Tomohon, Nothern Sulawesi dan Datu Keling Kayangan, Northern Lombok.




The name of “Malaya Dvipa” appears in the Vayu Purana. It is said about this island that there are many gold mines there and the population consist of several classes of Mlecchas. There is a great mountain named Malaya containing silvermines. Heavenly bliss is obtained on the mountain on every Parva or Amavasya day. The famous Trikuta mountain is also situated on this island. The mountain is very extensive and has several beautiful valleys and summits. The great city called Sri Lanka is founded on one of the slopes of this mountains. Its length is hundred Yojanas while its breadth is 30 Yojanas. To The east of this island lies a great Siva temple in a holy place called Gokarna.


Sri Lanka is the capital city of Ravana’s Kingdom. Ravana and his people are not normal humans but giants.

Coincidentally the name of “Malaya” is quite the same with “Malay”. The early Malay(Melayu) Kingdom appear around 2nd or 3rd century AD. The location of the Melayu Kingdom is probably around Jambi, Sumatera, Indonesia.


A local Javanese Legend Aji Saka tell a story of giants who inhabited java before humans came to the island. The legend state that the first kingdom in Java is Medang Kamulan a kingdom of giants.

Batak (Sumatera) tribe, Luwu(Sulawesi) tribe and Javanese tribe all tell a legend of Batara Guru who first founded the human civilization in the land. The Batak tribe claim that they are the first group of humans who inhabited Sumatera, the Luwu tribe also claim that they are the first group of humans who inhabited Sulawesi. Javanese legend state that Batara Guru is Siva and Batara Guru also founded Medang Kamulan the first kingdom in Java. There is a possibility that the name “Batara Guru” is an epithet of Deva-Guru or Brhaspati from Indian myth.


Brhaspati is a son of Heaven and Earth. In India Heaven is symbolized by Dyaus Pita (Father Sky) and Earth by Mata Prativi. And Dyaus Pita is probably another name for Japheth the eldest son of the prophet Noah.

There is a possibility that the ancestors of the Indonesians are from Japheth (Son of Noah, Haplogroup IJK) descendants.
The name of one of Japhet’s son is Coincidentally “Javan”.

The name of Java or Yava is mentioned in Valmiki’s Ramayan and the Vanu Purana.

The Bible state that God enlarge Japheth and the descendants of Noah after the great flood establish a city (and the tower of babel) in the land of Sinar. “Sinar” is a Malay word which means “Shining”, may be because the location of the land is near the equator (Indonesia?).

Bible, Genesis 9:27
May God enlarge Japheth,
and let him dwell in the tents of Shem,
and let Canaan be his servant.

Genesis Chapter 11
1 And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech.
2 And it came to pass, as they journeyed east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.
3 And they said one to another: ‘Come, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly.’ And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar.
4 And they said: ‘Come, let us build us a city, and a tower, with its top in heaven, and let us make us a name; lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.’

In Javanese legend Batara Guru is Siva, and in India the old name for Siva is Rudra. Indian legend tell a story of a great Continent called Ruta which is destroyed in a great cataclysm. The paradise Island of Atala is said to be situated at the same location. Marutas in Indian Legend are the children of Rudra. So the name Ruta and Marutas are probably related to Rudra.Rudra (Ruta) is Siva and the word Atala is probably related to Atlantis. Siva(Ruta) and Poseidon (the founder of Atlantis according to Plato) both has the same unique weapon the Trident (Trishula).


Scientists from Arizona State of University already proved that Oxygen Level can increased the size of insect.

During the course of the last billion years the earth’s atmosphere oxygen level has been fluctuating. The current oxygen level is around 20%, around 300 million years ago in the Carboniferous period the oxygen level reach as high as 35% and around 85 million years ago in the Cretaceous period the oxygen level reach around 30%. Giants insects and plants lived in the Carbonicerous period and the biggest dinosaurs happen to lived in the Cretaceous period.
Coincidentally around 85 million years ago the island of Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Western Sulawesi, and the Malay Peninsula are forming a giant continent…

If we assume that Noah’s Great Flood is a global flood then there should be a mass extinction in a global scale. The biggest mass extinction of all time happen around 250 million years ago in the Permian-Triassic period.
So before the great flood there are giants according to the bible, this matched with the characteristics of the Carboniferous period where we have giant insects and plants. After the flood there also are giants (descendant of Japheth) and this matched with the characteristics of the Cretaceous periods.

But are there humans living million of years ago?

Michael Cremo (Forbidden Archeology) states that there are humans millions of years ago.

Ed Conrad found a human skull in the Carboniferous layer.

But the oldest human fossil was found in Freiburg, Germany (1842) with the age of probably 600 million years old.
And there a lot of millions of years human footprints found all over the world.



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