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Indonesia role in the transition of the world.

Indonesia role in the transition of the world.

The Heritage of Perennial Philosophy from Atlantean ??

The Heritage of Perennial Philosophy from Atlantean of Nusantara

The works of professor Arysio Santos and Stephen Oppenheimer and their repercussion in Indonesia lead to a lot more faith in the world that mankind had a far more superior and a very long hidden history. That history now lies forgotten, but it is eager to be retold. As Indonesia sees the reality of its forgotten Glory, in a mighty and integer past, there is the necessity to showing it to the whole world.

Indonesia was the common cradle to many things we have today, if not all. Due to the fact that it had the power of true diversity and plenty, they had a history thast produced much wisdom. And in truth, the concepts that spread from there gave birth to all modern religions. In special, the Abrahamic religions prove to be lgacy from Sundaland / Indonesia.

13880401_10153982938698495_4195781545016047171_nIndonesia, even though unaware of its potential and its true past, relies in a concept that is very functional. One can see its future is going to be bright, just because it dresses itself from the most light and pure. Their “Union in Diversity” will prove to be a sustainable model that the world should copy, in order to sustain itself.

The future of the world may depend on copying these traditional models. It is important to show to the world how we all depend on integration. East and West have lot to share. In proper language, it is important to communicate, integrate. Also, ther eis the need to integrate science and religions, for the quest of both is for the same ultimate truth.


New Picture atlantis indonesiaThe true origin of the world is one and a single one. The correct Paradigm was that of Paradise. And that changes all, but it is a sign of times, as advances permit us to realize the past. The common place is Indonesia and its role in this transition into the new stream and paradigm is crucial. Some may see better hoe this changes the future of all the planet.

As research advances, Indonesia proves to be more than only Plato’s Atlantis. It is the single and eternal Source and the definitive cradle of Humanity’s civilization and of its Wisdom. Sundaland / Nusantara is the true Eden and the single Paradise chanted in all verses since the dawn of times. That was the Paradise, present in all mythologies and legends and wisdom, as well as in the Bible.


The true cradle of religion is also the cradle to the ancient, original, Muslims. And the home, also of the Jews, as research demonstrates. All were orginated in Indonesia. Of course there are no “two origins”, and the single millennary source of modern religion is far older in Sundaland and not in the middle East.

Reuniting the world into a common cause is possible, for the true Paradise, and single source of humanity’s wisdom, is one. Once found and shown, it will level and leverage the world in the quest for its truth. We all need to know and remember about our true ancestry. Such is the primary need in order to restore wisdom to the planet.

We need to bind efforts and forces into wuest for truth. And we need to end all competition, but rather, tranform in partnership all of our competences. This way, we resume aggreagting value to the world. In little time, we converge into finding one common truth and true values that we may share and leave as legacy too.


seminar Atlantis di LIPI 28 Okt 2010The president of Indonesia and his team Are assembling one Global University for the study of Religion. Along with his Presidential taskforce, created in oder to rescue, preserve and maintain wisdom, those are very intelligent and honorable acts. Real conquests, these models need to be followed, they benefit the whole world. In the quest for truth and perfection, we need to resolve our true source. The concept of ADAM and the Muslim view, models of religion, are crucial and coherent to be integrated into the New Era.

The Original and Traditional ways of thought seem to be coming back. Tradition maintenance and its importance are starting to gain value and space in our communities and academies. It can be seen that Public Wisdom has its value. Such is same for Oral Tradition. We need to preserve those forms of wisdom. Or they only will be valued when lost.

Unifying and connecting in order to end all prejudice and disbelief. Indonesia as the true and eternal source of change. The blessed and pure returning to our models and hearts. It seems we are indeed wentering one New Era of Conscience and connetion. We have a lot to thank those who contribute to this change and integration.

cover buku Warisan Kearifan Nusantara & Dunia11953160_10207518074979913_230683846543185453_nthe-book-2-resized


27cd5-unnamed2b70Peradaban ATLANTIS_9786029159301_FRONTPeradaban ATLANTIS_9786029159301_FULLThe-Atlantis-Gene-cover_2Launcing Buku Plato tidak bohong di Setneg RI-6eden-in-the-east_samp (1) (1)


















Indonesia aims to be center of global Islamic teaching

  • Panca Nugraha (The Jakarta Post)

Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara | Sun, July 31 2016 | 11:04 am

Indonesia aims to be center of global Islamic teachingVisitors look at historical artefacts of Islamic civilization at the West Nusa Tenggara Islamic Center in Mataram on July 30. The exhibition will be held until August 6 as part of the 26th National Quran Recital Competition (MTQ) in the province.(Antara/Ahmad Subaidi)

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has issued a presidential decree on the establishment of an international Islamic university in the country in a bid for the world’s largest Muslim-majority country to become a center of global Islamic thought.

“I expect this university to be a source of knowledge, Islamic studies, the moral light of Islam and a bastion of balanced Islamic values, tolerant and egalitarian Islam,” he said at the opening of the National Quran Recital Competition (MTQ) in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara, on Saturday.

It is high time, the President said, for Indonesia to become a center of Islamic teachings Jokowi said, adding that citizens of other countries should study Islam in the country with the largest Muslim population in the world.

“Islam in Indonesia is like a patent medical prescription, which is moderate Islam, while other countries are still seeking the formula,” the President said.

During the event, Jokowi also urged people to hold to the Quran to create peaceful and beautiful lives in Indonesia. He also asked citizens to maintain harmony by staying optimistic in the face of global challenges. (rin)



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