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Paradise in Sundaland is rapidly being discovered.

Why every serious researcher on Ancient History should CATCH UP and follow the events in Indonesia!

Paradise in Sundaland is rapidly being discovered.
Even authors like Graham Hancock are following a light for many years now and are way on top. This is in terms of both information and updated research. Some part from structured paradigms, or models, and so , it is easier to see the truth. Many scholars now point interest to matter of Atlantis. They forgot but it used to be a concern of science… Until subject was rendered dumb. And we owe a bunch to these disruptive authors.

We are happy to make part of Hancock’s webring since the early atlan.orgForums that we ran for years. And we are happy he mentioned us in his book. Hope he sells another twenty million…

164703_1710666839517_1023504567_31882230_4525865_nAll these actions we do mean one thing: We are all finding the true paradise. On earth. In Indonesia.

So, if we know where is Atlantis… we need to know What is Atlantis?. What is Lemuria. – What is Paradise?

Lemuria is referred to and earlier civilization .. the real Mother / or the real Eden . / Paradise.


Although it refers to the same continent – Sundaland, it is one earlier civilization, as is extensively explained by Professor Arysio Santos in his first book (The Treatise of the Philosopher’s Stone – 1995) a book on Lemuria and the Indies, in which he points Indonesia as Atlantis location for the first time.

Lemuria = up to 75000 years ago – In Sundaland
Atlantis = up to 11600 years ago, in Sundaland

Lemuria – Civilization that ended in Volcanic conflagration (Toba event)
and was reconstructed into Atlantis….. a new “version”..

Atlantis – Civilization that had a diaspora – 12000 years ago – at the end of Pleistocene due to an Immense war and a universal Flood that followed …

Atlantis – or Sundaland originated the Indians , Hindus, Amerindians, Aboriginal peoples, Austronesians, Europeans, Asiatics, Chinese, Egyptians,, and it is the ONE COMMON ORIGIN TO MANKIND>

That is the real “secret”truth about Atlantis /Eden / Paradise / Lemuria. Land of Fire. or true Paradise..the true Avalon .. and true Punt. or true abode of the gods. .Those places are truly SUNDALAND and Kumari Kandam / Punt = They are one and the same thing!!!


Sunda – or Sundaland – present day’s Indonesia,. always the most fertile and perfect Paradise on this earth. It is obvious, after it was found. never before has anyone connected the end of the ice age to the demise of Atlantis – exactly as stated bu Plato..|
And .. Plato corroborates with plenty of details from Atlantis’ geography!!

Some confound Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis..

these earthly paradises are all one and the same…

Lemuria is the virgin mother of Atlantis. The real EDEN. This is precisely the place civilization was born.

In this book Professor Santos shows the meanings of one of the most famous Alchemy treatises and also relates the Vedas to Lemurian Atlantis as to decipher the true Origin/Paradise, That ultimately gave birth to the following book (second book – Atlantis – The Lost Continent Finally Found – 2005) and gave birth to Sundaland / Atlantis theory .

This book on Atlantis from 2005 was published in Indonesia and sold above 50000 copies in more than ten editions in the first year alone.. .
So it could widely spread the theory and make grounds for other studies.

Due to great repercussion of this book and also of contemporaneous book from Professor Oppenheimer’s – Eden in the East, published in Indonesia and from the same publishing house, a gathering of interests was created. We have had plenty of support ever since. ( and plenty of opposition too.)

and the repercussion that it had caused a certain commotion and authorities awareness and now it is more common place that Atlantis can and should be studied seriously by the academics..

promoted and provided for conventions and seminars that woke up certain attention in the academics and even the official spheres. The project reached a great deal of support, even from authorities and midia.


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Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto yes love.

thanks… the motive of my try and insistence is you..

All for the tradition..> AND IT PAYS WELL
truly.. tradition requires from us but sincerity and purity in heart..

those who seek.. .may them find..
the water is enough to quench all thirst in the world..
the mainstream will not resist ..
they also work for us.. for we work for the gods.. and for the divine.. no one is to hold us..
like Christ says .. “If not against us.. surely part of our cause”

Suncana Diana PurbasariSuncana Diana Purbasari Yes– Antonio- purity of heart and sincerity. Is the essence that will lead us to golden age reality.
Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto truly love… my faith on it has no more room to grow.
oh my.. how can people not notice…
The old model of “lack of trust”. .is so obsolete..>
It is so fast everyone turns back to the no-recognition fashion..
we are on orb to get recognized.. and to further recognize..>
we are identities…
those who identify us not… or simply do not captivate our hearts… are truly not worth anymore
the bond is in the heart.. in the soul and in spirit..

Alfredo LacasaAlfredo Lacasa Atlantis is Southamerica and Lemuria is All America.
Alfredo LacasaAlfredo Lacasa Antonio Roberto Atlantis is Southamerica and Lemuria is All America.
Alfredo LacasaAlfredo Lacasa Mu – Lemuria = 8.000 x 3.000 milesLihat Terjemahan
Ahmad Yanuana Samantho
Tulis balasan…
Alfredo LacasaAlfredo Lacasa Antonio Roberto: Lemuria is America, and Atlantis was the center of Lemuria.

We go by other line:
Both LEmuria and Atlantis were located in Sundaland . .or Indonesia.
Lemuria is one ancestral civilization that ended 75000 years ago (with Toba Volcano Explosion)
Atlantis was then created in the same plain od Sundaland .. and later found its demise.. .at Krakatoa Vocano Explosion…So,.. both Lemuria and Atlantis were in Sundaland.

as well.. all Mythical Islands, Paradises, earthly heavens .. Golden Islands,,.magical Kingdoms,, Forgotten and missing lands.. Eldorados.. Even paradgmatic Paradises .. such as Eden..the Bbiblical PAradise.. or . Ophir ,. .Taprobane.. Mu,
even Kumari Kandam ,, the Hindu PAradise.. .or Saka Dvipa . .The mythical Hindu ISland,… or even Punt the real and orginal Egypt…
All refer to Sunda.

(unless they were REPLICAS that were made the world over…. in order to commemorate Atlantis . .the Mother of Mankind.)

Alfredo LacasaAlfredo Lacasa 100% America is Lemuria and i know where is the circular Atlantis of 5,7 miles of diameter.

but be aware this was reproduced in the world traditionally.Lihat Selengkapnya

Alfredo Lacasa

Alfredo Lacasa Antonio Roberto 300×500 kilometers, not miles!!!

Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto that fits ONLY SUNDALAND >
Alfredo LacasaAlfredo Lacasa Antonio Roberto For sure not. and Atlantis was South America.
Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto dear, I value you robservations and I sure would love to believe Atlantis was indeed in Brazil.//
the one Plato talked about and all other PAradises are in fact SUNDALAND

Alfredo LacasaAlfredo Lacasa Antonio Roberto ninguno de esos lugares, la ciudad 0 tiene 9 kilometros de diametro, 5,7 millas. ya la encontre hace tiempo.Lihat Terjemahan
Bob NewtonBob Newton Maybe serious researches are very skeptical of your claimsAntonio. What I don’t understand is you have so much information linking Sundaland to Mu, but you choose to call it Atlantis. I’m not stating your work is invalid whatsoever. But it is quite evident you have twisted the historical record for your convenience and agenda? Serious researchers “Without” an agenda do not follow your work… And if they do it isn’t for very long…
Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto in time, dear… we will find we had no tmany.. .but ONE ORIGIN.. and it is eager to tell about its deeds.. and brings us its real treasures..

and it will , for the power of all gods.

and I follow one EXTENSIVELY TESTED PARADIGM maybe you too could catch up.. .
it is therre and MANY ARE EMPOWERED BY IT>>>

please try perusing the website that has been advocating SUNDALAND / MU / LEMURIA and PLATO’S ATLANTIS for some twenty years…


The Lost Continent Finally Found
Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto the reason catching up is needed is people are losing time looking for Atlantis in other places without reading a basic seminal part of a research that simply demystifyes the theme..

in little time . a matte rof a few years,, after a few decades of prepartation and EMPOWERMENT in Indonesia..
many researchers there are devoted, well informed ,, and decided they found the real deal.
so,, there is no way for ocidental fellows to follow…
this is the catch .
please read this FAQ // and a checklist of all proposed Atlantis locations …

Checklist of Possible Locations for Atlantis  If it is…
Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto understand these are not “my clainms”.. I am backed up by a professional scientist… from Washington University / Missouri……
one that has dedicated thirty years of his life researching the matter.

Bob NewtonBob Newton Professional Scientist…. That is an oxymoron if I ever heard it…
Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto I mean .. one who has worked in thwe fielsd of science only .. never even needing to profit from selling books or making any fuzz.. or creating any lie..
simply .. defending the truth.
simply … working ,..

Bob NewtonBob Newton Like an anthropologist, Archaeologist and DNA Specialist?

like one that stays in the office.. or in the field.. not selling books ,, por traveling for monty.. .
one who gives his life.. invests his funds…
without being affraid of risking his reputation to put out the word..
(have you seen any scientist do just that ??)
a few people know a real man of honor…
value is something forgotten, nowadaysso,, there are no professionals anymore..
all is so .. sold,.

Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto Like Professor Stephen Oppenheimer.. our partner in this research.. . one great geneticist.. who HAS SHOWN CIVLIZATION . ORIGINATED IN SUNDALAND 
Bob NewtonBob Newton Oh and by the way, we usually don’t call a male “dear” unless you are gay. I am not into that so if you are please make sure you are calling the right one dear.. That is a respect thing….
Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto Bob Newton pal… where are you from??? this actual earth?
Bob NewtonBob Newton From a place we don’t call men “Dear” that is quite evident…
Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto Bob Newton now I undersatnd people advised me to be prepared .. 
Bob NewtonBob Newton Hey, it is a respect thing, you must not have any.
Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto people are in fact jealous they did not find their Atlantis themselves… 
and probably will never catch up.. it was found ..
poor mainstream about to lose jobs.. afraid of losing grants.. reputation>>
I found mine..

Bob NewtonBob Newton Hey, if you choose to call it Atlantis,,, your gig, wrong as it may be. I see everything you are presenting but it is far bigger than stephen oppenheimer’s labeling. 

Mu was Mu and Atlantis was Atlantis. Atlantis would look like Mu without a doubt in SLihat Selengkapnya

Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto Mu si a creaton,, not science.. alias, pseudo science as many know.
cooked up..
although based in evidences.. Humanity came from that area…
Lemuria was destroyed by Toba catcliysm .. but was in the same region of Atlantis,, the later being a sequel to Lemuria, ( Lemurian mean ancestor)
Atlantis was product of an earlier Flood.. and also destroyed by a Flood.. the Biblical Flood.
what we are talking here is PLATO’S ATLANTIS>.>
as described by him…
what fits ONLY SUNDALND>
as any one in good sense (and many scientists in Indonesia, NOW… ) see.it was the work of a great scientist which found this.. not mine..
I am nothing. I do not deal in the field…

but that is all described in detail in the website I pointed..
and I really , from the heart .. suggest you take a look.

from this website many people .. both good scientists and even novelists like like Graham Hancock,, based their deeds.. it is one hallmark in the study of Atlantis ,..

atlan.or g

True History Of Atlantis Note: The cataclysms of fire and water of worldwide extent of which we…
Bob NewtonBob Newton So they knew about Pseudoscience when they wrote the Maya Codex’s, the Naacal Tablets, the Lhasa Records and thousands of other ancient historical records? Now that is very interesting….
Ahmad Yanuana Samantho
Bob NewtonBob Newton Maybe you should “Catch Up”….
Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto me catyching up . .stil …

catching… catching…

Ahmad Yanuana Samantho
Tulis balasan…
Budi SanBudi San I also happy that Graham Hancock came to Gunung Padang after recommend it to TTRM team Antonio Roberto. I believed Atlantis Foundation, Indonesia & Graham Hancock team will collaborate in a good way. @ Santha Hancock : please send our regard & many thanks to your husband.
Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto Graham Hancock and his so charming wife Santha are surely love Sunda and all its people.. they are so sure it is cradle to civilization . and home to the most nice / diverse / compete / perfect Paradise on this earth.
Ahmad Yanuana Samantho
Tulis balasan…
Antonio RobertoAntonio Roberto ye! all disruptive authors and rogue explorers are romantic approach .. so necessary .. as to have a diverse and complete research…

Graham Hancock is one fantastic person for telling stories and has a nice public.
he worked all right over a nice coherent Paradigm heare interesting for the COMMON CAUSE we have after all. finding the truth,
only truth matters.

I am in this quest because my father was .. and I inherited the Karma.. My father produced the most coherent theory in Atlantis. That is where many people work on .. and all works that make sense,,. nowadays ,, in the field of Plato’s Atlantis Quest. and all Lost Civlizations Quest.. at least partially has to consider our paradigm,.. that puts Atlantis / Eden .. in SUNDALAND>
.. Graham Hancock too is constructing over this most correct paradigm and cites my father book in his new publication.. “Magicians of the Gods.”.. A real pearl that everyone MUST READ!

Built over this correct FRAMEWORK that point Atlantis location in Sundaland.. this new book is by far the most important work in the reunion of science to religion and tradition,. .. for their seek is common .(the Lost Paradise…)
According to the theory of A. Santos. . .which we touch everywhere in the groups discussion .Atlantis / Eden was pretty much real.. and professor Arysio Santos pointed out all necessary details.. that is where people in Indonesia are working over to find many interesting evidences and clear this for once.. Soon to happen…

those who bug him and do not comprehend his work simply are either in envy or don’t get the point …”History has no owner”.. and
But, what happens is .. .scientists gave up long ago the search for lost civlizations, in special Atlantis>
scientists do not produce anything or validate any work in the fiel of ATLANTOLOGY.
so, it is vacant. to people like GH.. to work at will .. and profit . and get recognition>>I know a lot of people get bitten.. but the field of Lost Civilizations is vacant.

So .. it is ours to play as we wish.

Amateurs.. novelists , journalists.. the crazy ,, the poets.. the bards.. the natives.. the esoteric.. the mystic,.. the experimenting .. the believer..>
science does not want to follow the subject.. its ours.


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