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From Alpha to Omega: Unveiled Plato’s Idea on Returning Golden Age of World Civilization

Introduction by: Ahmad Y. Samantho:

Subhannallah wal hamdulillah, Praise God, Rahayu Sagung Dhumadi. It turned out that what had always been into my beliefs and which I published since 2008, that the Indonesia archipelago is “The Beginning and the End of Civilization of Mankind”, among other things in my book PERADABAN ATLANTIS NUSANTARA, which I had mentioned before more as my conscience, intuitive, Kreteg rahsa inward looking, with little scientific explanation. Now there is a brother in faith, Christ Boro Tokan, which may explain with a length and deep philosophical-religious scientific arguments. “Hopefully this is can be a consciousness or trigger the awakening and the resurrection of the people of the world of the faithful globally, to pick up the New Age under the leadership of “Duumvirate “Imam  Mahdi AS and Jesus Christus (Budak Angon and  Budak Jangotan, said Uga Wangsit Siliwangi, or Satrio Pininngit by Prabu Joyoboyo) in these End Times. Amin ya Rabb  al-Alamin “.


Alpha-Omega, The idea of “Repetition” Plato, Revealing the Mystery of Paradise Lost

By: Chris Boro Tokan

Introduction Origins (Alpha) creation in the Big Bang theory ( terrible Explosion), later ending with The Big Crunch (catastrophic destruction). Terrible explosion as an idea to explain the beginning of creation, which used to be a contradiction of Hegel’s philosophy which confirms the view on early in life begins with the idea (abstract world) versus a philosophical view of Karl Marx that confirms the beginning of life starting from material (real world).

The concept ideas on a world of Hegel and the real world of Marx, actually stems from the philosophy of “Two Worlds” of Plato; sorting by World Sports World Soul. Body and Soul is fused into a Human self (microcosmic). But the philosopher Aristotle corrects Two Worlds of Plato, that the real heart and soul that have been fused, in fact in itself a human child.

So that was the beginning of the reality, the real world / facts such as the human figure, so philosophical about the mystery man that emerged about 2500 years ago, (a philosophical frame of mind thus be traceable in Ernst Cassirer, through his work An Essay On Man, which was translated into Bahasa Indonesia: Manusia  dan Budaya Sebuah Essay Tentang Manusia, Jakarta: BPK Gunung Mulia, 1988).

While the philosophers Pythagoras talk about numbers / figures. Numbers according to the Pythagorean is something sacred, because the number or numbers that will be completed or unlock the secrets of Nature. The philosopher Emanuel Kant disturbing Two Worlds Plato, questioning his One World Aristotle. That between Two Worlds was, there must be something. Likewise in his One World Aristotle, of course there is something that unites.

Something in between Two Worlds Plato, is also something that makes the One World-Aristotle, is something very terrible, very sublime, of course.  In its Dignity and Absoluteness, something that dialect-ed on Two Worlds Plato, also unify its One World of Aristotle.

In the development of anxiety from Kant and questioning what was known as the philosophy of dialectics (Compare with Alan Woods and Ted Gikrant: ‘Reason in Revolt, (1996) Thinking Revolution in Modern Science “, (2006), pp. 37-112).

In the era of philosopher Hegel, slightly retracing a step further than the philosopher Kant era that shows the “dialectic” in Two Worlds of Plato and Aristotle his One World. Hegel promoted the spirit world as a “spirit” that started the Beginning, before the world body (Compare G.W.F. Hegel, The Philosophy of History, 1956, which translated into Bahasa Indonesia: Filsafat Sejarah, 2007). The idea sparked the development of world philosophical Hegel in Hegel’s philosophy is idealism versus materialism of Marx’s philosophy. The feud both philosophical schools is growing pursed into two world ideologies, capitalism and socialism Hegel-Marx (Compare Alan Woods and Ted Grant: in dialectical materialism, hal.37-84, Formal Logic and dialectics, p 85 -112).

Alpha-Omega and the idea of “Repetition” Plato is ironic that capitalism became incarnate spirit of idealism, often adherents stuck and fell in the mud of materialism. Even so materialist capitalist followers of the followers of the basic socialist spirit in the material, the real world.

Being stuck both ideological (Capitalism and Socialism) in the mud materialist, the real world is that reaffirms the idea kesahian philosopher Plato in his World Two, that the life of the real world it’s just repetition (photo copy) of the abstract world. Abstract world as a world of perfection that is unexplained in the spirit world (world of ideas), for Plato is the world of perfection that the repetition in the real world. Abstract world as a world of perfection, what the real world? Questions have also been menggelisakan Kant, who said that between Two Worlds Plato (between body and soul) there are “things”. The answer to that question, is that there is a “spirit”.

This answer is alluded to Hegel, only the philosopher is not explicitly elaborate, and often confuses / likens the soul to the world of the abstract (spirit). Then peseteru (enemy) perennial Marx, insists the antithesis that the beginning of the real world (the world body), not the world of the abstract world of ideas (the soul) as the thesis of Hegel. Indeed, the world soul (the idea) that became the first of the sports world (real / material), but each one another dialectic. In the sense of the soul (the idea) dependent on the world body (matter) to confirm the identity. Instead the world body (matter) requires the soul (the idea) to assert. Berdialektik mutual spirit world and the world of sport, can only happen because there is the Home-Mula, namely: the Spirit as an abstract world.

From here tercermati kekurangcermatan Hegel, who mencampuradukan / likens the soul (ideas) with the abstract world (spirit). Spirit world if dimaknakan in the words of Love, then the soul loves his soul to be known in the real world, so the soul is pleased to enter / given to the body. Likewise his world loves sports world for more meaningful, then gave his body to the soul resides. Each world soul and the world of sport loving one another as each loves his world, in order to remain significant in the affirmation of identity (the world of ideas, the soul) and became evident in the statement of existence (nyat world, raga).

Therefore, the abstract world (spirit) that brings together their respective (body and soul) in living life through a terrible explosion (The Big Bang) as the initial creator (beginning of life / alpha). Spirit (abstract world) that would also separate the soul from the body in death by catastrophic destruction (The Big Crunch) as the end of a life (end of life / omega).

The idea of Man (the union of the soul and the world of sport) as a microcosm and a macrocosm nature, necessarily implies that the core explanation of human, of course it is the core of the study of nature. Mutual unity of man and nature in living life through the union of the soul and the world of sport as a whole, termaklumi in integrative understanding of customary law experts Supomo.

Repetition abstract things (perfection) in humans are unexplained in the world of the soul into the world of sports, it also occurs in nature. In a sense there is the beginning (of the Spirit) was perfect with all keabstrakannya to be described in the soul, which is later repeated / shown in the world of sports, the world of reality.

There is the beginning (of the Spirit) in the abstraction that can be described in a world of ideas, the idea of The Big Bang (Explosion terrible), which became spiritdari whole world of ideas that would be repeated throughout the life of the real world / material. Of course later there was the end of life (the Spirit) is incomprehensible in the world of ideas / idea of The Big Crunch (terrible destruction), which is repeated in the end of life of the body, the world hereafter. While itutetap Spirit of eternal life, eternal.

World Materials, sports, real be shattered to pieces, and disappeared drift spotting, as well as the soul should remain hovering out of shape and not many different, late but not lost in ketenggelaman / destruction of cosmic and often incomprehensible and unfathomable , But the spirit (abstract world) remain in perfection to remain immortal.

Spirit who becomes the alpha and omega, the beginning of the spirit that made early in life, is also the spirit that makes life ends, the afterlife. Spirit that became the beginning of life. http://filsafat.kompasiana.com/2012/07/04/awal-mula-kehidupan-adalah-roh-dari-ketiadaan-melalui-ketiadaan-menuju-ketiadaan (Abstract world) explained in a world of ideas, the idea of The Big Bang (Explosion terrible), which is repeated in the real world (raga) in the whole process of living life.

Eden in the east_SAMPCover BUku Eden in The East by Stephen OpenheimerLikewise the Spirit also will be the final live life, explained in a world of ideas, the idea of The Big Crunch (terrible destruction), which is repeated in the real world (raga) throughout the process end of life (mass extinction). Uncover the mysteries of Paradise Lost scanning Stephen Oppenheimer pointed to Heaven in the East in his book “EDEN IN THE EAST The Drowned Continent of Southeast Asia” in 1998, Indonesianized “EDEN IN THE EAST, HEAVEN IN THE EAST, Continent Drowned in Southeast Asia” Ufuk 2010 ,

Oppenheimer showed by summarizing the evidence among other markers of genetic Adam and Eva for a deployment east to west as follows: 9-bp deletion of Asia was brought to southern India as the capital of Southeast Asia, a woman who might be said of Austronesian languages. Maternal clans in the classification group F Antonio Torroni, more clearly linked to the Austro-Asiatic speakers in mainland Asia to spread radially (menjari) north into Indo-China and Tibet, west, into North India …. (Hal.302). ..

Affected regions spread in a wave of the South Pacific in the southeast, through Southeast Asia, southern China, India, Arab, Middle Eastern, and finally into the Mediterranean in the Northwest Territories (hal.303). Thus from scanning Oppenheimer, that the mystery of the Lost Continent or Paradise Lost is actually on the territory of Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Sulawesi as part of the islands of Southeast Asia (Cf. http://sejarah.kompasiana.com/2013/01/30/benua-yang-hilang-tempat-penciptaan-dan-kediaman-adam-eva-beserta-listofernya–529175.html.

The discovery of Homo floresiensis fossils and Elephant (2003) in Liang Bua, Ruteng Kingdom (western part of Flores Island) and Proof Oppenheimer, stressed the existence of early human females in the world in the area of Ancient Sun Islands (Solor) which includes Nusa Tenggara-Maluku- Sulawesi. The layout of this geographical location prior studies on the spread of early humans Oppenheimer, then the Wallace Line-Weber disempurnahkan by Thomas Huxley, have asserted the ancient world of flora and fauna. Its shaft in the region proved that Oppenheimer.

The following study F.A.E. van Woden in 1935 from the University of Leiden, the Netherlands, in his dissertation “SOCIALE STRUCTURTYPEN IN DE Groote Oost” 1935, Indonesianized “KLEN, MYTHS AND POWERS, Social Structure Eastern Indonesia” in 1985, pointed to the cultural practice of Chemistry (harmony / peace) was in Nusa Tenggara Maluku: the concept of dualism KOSMOS (sky-earth / civilization), and dualism SOCIAL (Human Female-Male / Cultural). Practiced until now in the islands of Solor (Solor = Sun): Adonara-Solor-Lembata, also on the island of Flores Timur (Lamaholot) as LEWOTANAH. Crosses Civilization (Kosmos Dualism: Sun-Moon / Rera-Wulan with Earth / Land-Ekan) with Culture (Social Dualism: PerempuanLaki) = CROSS = LEWOTANAH. (Cf. http://filsafat.kompasiana.com/2012/08/01/lewotanah-surga-positivisme-surga-empirisme-bangsa-lamaholot-simbol-kepulauan-matahari-purba-nusa-tenggara-maluku/ This means that I want to say that the existence of the Flora-Fauna, BEGINNING Human existence of the Islands of the Sun (Solor) Purba: Nusa Tenggara (minus Bali) -Maluku-Sulawesi.

From there also cultural origins chemistry, harmony and peacefulness. If Wallace-Weber proved through the deployment Fauna-Flora, the Oppenheimer proved with early deployment of human GEN First, the Austronesian languages as well as a source Aslibahasa world, with various archaeological objects designated in his PARADISE ON EAST, especially chapter 2 things. 53-96 and chapter 5 p. 191-244 (compare notes: http://sosbud.kompasiana.com/2012/09/27/bahasa-austronesia-sumber-asli-bahasa-dunia-dan-awal-mula-penyebaran/).

The special characteristic flora that mark territory like a lost Garden of Eden called the philosopher Plato, perfumed fragrance (sandalwood-Clove-Pala) is in the region. Likewise it became a meeting place between the EAST WEST, at the moment the only way that can passes through from the EAST to the WEST or vice versa. The uniqueness of this flora has been a dispute European nations (Spain and Portugal) should dilerai / mediation by the Vatican (Cf. http://sosbud.kompasiana.com/2012/07/24/cendana-cengkeh-pala-sebagai-pembuka-tabir-misteri-geografis-atlantis-yang-hilang/.)

Likewise characteristic fauna required philosopher Plato, like the Elephant (the discovery of fossils of ancient elephants in Flores), also IVORY elephants that until now the bride price (dowry) to the community Lamaholot in general (the island of Flores Timur, Adonara, Solor, Lembata), in particular Adonara society. While geologically, then geography-Maluku Nusa Tenggara present a new continent (listofer) of that lost continent (Atlantis) it. Can be explained by the theory of continental drift and geological dialectic (Cf. http://sosbud.kompasiana.com/2011/09/20/dialektika-geologi-nusa-tenggara-maluku-dan-misteri-india-dalam-mitos-permusuhan-dua-bersaudara-mengenai-penghayutan-benua/.)

Indonesia "Atlantis yang Hilang" Pusat Peradaban DuniaThus if it is asserted Wallace line-Weber that Territory Poros as area dividers, within the meaning of Fauna-Flora in Poros, can be to the Sunda (WEST), also to Dataran Sahul (EAST), whereas in the WEST is not possible to EAST, and vice versa. Oppenheimer then prove the spread of the BEGINNING of the region Poros (Nusa Tenggara-Sulawesi-Maluku) that through the study of the First GEN (Cf. http://sejarah.kompasiana.com/2012/07/02/nusa-tenggara-maluku-dalam-penelusuran-penyebaran-awal-manusia-di-dunia/) and the spread of Austronesian languages as a source of various languages in the First World. (Cf. http://sosbud.kompasiana.com/2012/09/27/bahasa-austronesia-sumber-asli-bahasa-dunia-dan-awal-mula-penyebaran/) (East, West, North, South) in detail: North into China through Sulawesi and Sabah, South Australia (Aboriginal), east to Papua and the Pacific, West Java (Java Purba was the mainland with Borneo-Sumatra-peninsula until Malaya) continues to India-China Mesir- Yunani.Tadinya to it later to Japan, as well as through the Bering strait to the mainland and are still going up in the United States.

Oppenheimer studied the spread of the more telling when solving framework diaspora in 3 continents mass (mass extinctions 1) that ended the Mesozoic Period (late middle-age life). While becoming a more detailed appointed Arysio Santos in the book “Atlantis The Lost Contonent Finally Found (1997), Indonesia Turns Birthplace of civilization of the World” (2009, actually describes the diaspora at the last day Neozikum / end of the Ice Age (mass extinctions 2) as the end of time new life.

Although Arysio PARADISE ON EAST Santos pointed it at exposure Sunda between Java-Sumatra-Kalimantan. But the important thing here details about the spread of human explanation after the last ice age (the flood of Noah) to help understanding of the study of Oppenheimer.

The beginning of creation, Civilization, still natural-natural = GOD / Divining. In the era of the dominance of this civilization known as Lemuria ATLANTIS. So civilization which dominated in the era of Atlantis Lemuria, ending about 80 thousand to 70 thousand years ago, as the end of the age Mezosoikum (end of Civilization Cycle 1).

This substance which becomes the inclination of the studies in the book EDEN PARK IN THE EAST, Oppenheimer’s work. Then evolving towards ATLANTIS THE SON, as the era of Culture that predispose human works of various Atlantis and its destruction in the last 11,000 years in the event of flooding prophet NUH, known as the end of the Ice Age / Pleistocene, the end Neozoikum (end of Civilization Cycle 2).

Then developed REPLIKA ATLANTIS who put India as the center of civilization that ended 5,000 years ago (end of Civilization Cycle 3).

Since 5000 years ago the world civilization shifted to Egypt (god Ra / Pyramid), China (Yin-Yan), Greece (Philosophy of Logic, Ethics, Aesthetics) which ended about 2,000 years ago (late cycle Civilization 4).

Since 2000 years ago evolved Cross Atlantis in REPLICA CROSS OF CHRIST in Israel and Rome, 1500 years ago in KOSMOGRAM ATLANTIS (Moon and Star) in Arabic as Civilization Cycle 5.

All that becomes the inclination of proof discussion Arysio Santos in his INDONESIA CENTRE WORLD CIVILIZATION. Replicas of Atlantis was sporadically grown around the world until the present and future! So really the Neolithic revolution which memperangah world at that time after a disaster terrible FLOOD Noah (11,000 years ago), and until now (of course also will come), with advances in China, India, Egypt, Greece, etc., come from SHAFT (East farthest-West farthest).

Is still a Mystery about how the Neolithic revolution took place, a way scintillating progress at that time, which continue to inspire progress until the present, and it will also come !!!, How can be explained by science ?.

To the extent that Karl Marx frustrated with his philosophy of materialism, known also by the philosophy of Marx, and pointed to the Neolithic revolution as a revolution artisan MAGIC. Then it was the discovery of Homo floresiensis in fact also explains the pivot point that mediates the mystery of human explanation giant with dwarf or human Primitive Man with Modern Man.

Because of the disaster (mass extinctions 1 and 2) at the end of the Mesozoic era and at the end of the age neozoikum / end of the ice age caused humans, flora, fauna survivors spread to various parts of the earth at that time. However it can be incomprehensible and termaklumi in the philosophy of ancient shaft (Solor) with the symbol of the serpent as the sun primeval: “Koten pana doan, Ikung gawe Jaunty naan Nuan tutu, nahku Nuan tou geniku uliten-intersection Muren te ulcer-Tukan”, meaning “spread far to the west and moving all the way to the east to be a witness of the times, but still a moment always come back to the shaft / source “.

Ponder !!! … not only Karl Marx who is frustrated, as did George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel in his philosophy of Idealism, also known as Hegel’s philosophy careful not explain it. Not until the philosophers alone, but “the Lord” -pun frustrating, to the point of damaging language (communication) between them as they built the tower of Babel to match the “Lord”. What is the word of the Lord: “… from now on what they want and do must succeed, then they should stop it” !!! This means that if the revolution (Tower of Babel) for the glory of God and the humanity of Man, the Lord certainly does not stop. However, because of the arrogance of them to match or exceed the Lord, in their efforts to build the tower of Babel was being persolan (compare Genesis 11: 1-9).

The philosopher Hegel with critical philosophy has dissected the philosophy of life as a Spirit (the Word). Hegel only able to merely assert that life begins the life of the Spirit of Idealism (MIND), as the initial (thesis). Corrected by Karl Marx (antithesis), that live real life begins Spirit (Materialism). Hegel’s thesis hereinafter known as the philosophy of Idealism, the antithesis of Marx known as the philosophy of materialism.

Understanding living life (in Poros Earth) Sun Islands (Solor) Ancient (Maluku-Sulawesi-Nusa Tenggara), then tercermarti Hegel’s philosophy as Taran Wanan (thesis) / Western philosophy, a philosophy of Marx as Taran Neki (antithesis) Eastern Philosophy.

While Solor Ancient Philosophy (Pancasila) as a synthesis of the Philosophy of Poros, inspired in self son of the morning Bung Karno during exile in the city of Ende (Flores Island from 1934 to 1938) as the Sun Islands region Purba (Solor = Sun). With the philosophy of Poros as INITIAL existence Civilization and Culture WORLD that until the present in practice in the format LEWOTANAH belief for tribal Lamaholot in Nusa Tenggara Timur (compare http://sosbud.kompasiana.com/2012/07/27/peradaban-lamaholot-di -nusa-southeast-east-and-Brahmanism /, also my Note: http://sosbud.kompasiana.com/2012/07/26/peradaban-lewotanah-lamaholot-dalam-trinitas-kepemimpinan-purba-indonesia-timur-dan-atlantis-yang-hilang/.

Spirit philosophy, philosophy of Poros as pendialektika to answer the philosopher Kant disquieting “something” in between the two World philosophy of Plato and uniting One World-Aristotle. Bung Karno with the philosophy of Pancasila as pendialektika sake of reconciling / align / Matching Western philosophy (Hegel: Capitalism) with Eastern philosophy (Marx: socialism). Then there is the opinion that the Chinese (Eastern philosophy) advanced to the material wealth, the west to the greatness of the mind (of Western Philosophy), while the Lamaholot (samples Islands Solor Primitive: Nusa Tenggara-Maluku-Sulawesi) berkekayaan conscience, atadiken (human) as Poros source philosophy that has mengihlami Bung Karno. Or philosopher Plato with his philosophy of Two Worlds (World SOUL / Hegel and the World Body-Sports / Marx.

Then unite with BODY SOUL are: ROH / Pancasila-Bung Karno, as well as answering his philosophy of One World Aristotle. Easterners (CHINA) may have material power (soul / body), Westerners may be great (rich) mind (soul), but the Lamaholot / Solor Purba has a grandeur NURANI / ROH (humanity) that unites life by AGENCY. Philosophy WEST / thesis, Philosophy EAST / antithesis, philosophy SHAFT (PANCASILA / KODA) as a synthesis.

If you look at the dialectics of this philosophizing, then indeed HUMAN started from SHAFT (Conscience), spread to the WEST who prefer the mind, and spread to more emphasis EAST Raga / material: real. That is the conflict between the WEST / EAST thesis / antithesis, then synthesising it in the SHAFT. So it is not excessive in the belief that there is a joke that konfik in the Middle East between Palestine with JEWISH could only finish / peace thoroughly that by the way / rite Solor (Sun) Purba: Nusa Tenggara Maluku, which until now practiced in Lamaholot, known with LEWOTANAH. Joked that it is obvious as people who know and believe that Christ was actually REPLICA Cross of Cross ATLANTIS = LEWOTANAH, then after resolved / Lamaholot peaceful manner (read: Adonara), certainly with the way Christ as savior / peacemaker ABADI.

Then it must pray earnestly to the pattern of belief in Jesus Christ in order to be a real peace on earth and in the hereafter, for everyone berpemeluk RELIGION anything !!!. Because Christ came not to bring one religion but to bring LIGHT to all humankind and the universe. So Christ himself came into the world have never proclaimed itself brings a certain religion to a group of human beings on Earth, but brings to light that illuminate and expose the whole of mankind with His universe !!!.

Poros plains: true as Alpha-Omega world region early life in the Old World Poros (Purba), which is split into East and West, also to the North and South. West in the Sunda symbol (Java Purba) and Madagascar, East in the Aru Islands and Papua symbol, south to Australia and New Zealand, North China, as evidenced by Oppenheimer. In the development of replica changes, or repetitions according Plato, more reflective of Poros with the spread to the East and the West. The last ice age / end times neozoikum put a paradise lost in India as Poros (conviction pair of pillars in the east and a pair of pillars in the west, the pillar to five is the shaft), East China (Yin-Yan), West in Egypt (the pyramid). Shifted to the Greco Israel as Poros, in the Arab East, West, Rome. Greece with philosophy Logic-Aesthetics-Ethics, with the Cross Israel Yahudi.Roma with Western philosophy, the cross of Christ, Arab with Eastern philosophy, kosmogram atlantis.

Recency Poros shifted to the United States, the China-Russia Eastern bloc, cs, a block west of Europe, cs. In the sense that the region can tercermati beginning, the real into the region and the creation of Adam and Eva’s residence, which is on the Plain SHAFT (with other small islands in the Pacific Ocean, including the Philippines). Region / plains as listofer (New emerging Mainland) as a result of the sinking of the continent (Atlantis), popularly called the Lost Continent, often referred to as Paradise Lost http://sejarah.kompasiana.com/2013/01/30/benua-yang-hilang-tempat-penciptaan-dan-kediaman-adam-eva-beserta-listofernya–529175.html ,

Such as scanning of critical location Eden according to the Jewish Encyclopedia: writers famous saying: Targum Yerushalmi translates Havalilah with Hindiki [Hindustan or India], and let Pison not translated, Saadia Gaon, in the Arabic translation of his, translating Pison as NIL, which is ridiculed by Ibn Ezra as “already clearly known that Eden is farther south, on the Equator”.

Nahmanides agree with this view. Ceritra arrival of Jews in Jerusalem from “Aden, the land where Gan Eden [meaning the Garden of Eden or the Garden of Eden] the famous and famous are, which is southeast of Assyria” … .Sungai First, Pison possibly leading to the river Indus, which encircles Hindustan, strengthen the Targum Yerushalmi, (Arysio Santos, hal.505-506)

It is true, the assertion Arysio Santos that various great figure revered and known until the present, the sons and daughters of Atlantis descendants of gods which then illuminates the whole world with the Light of the Great Mother the Virgin. The heroes or angels, gods that played a role in all development of civilization, originally from a land that sank and disappeared under the water, just like Atlantis.

Incidentally Ganges river delta region called Bengal (or Bangla), a name derived from the Dravidian languages (beng-ala) and means “marshland sinking”. The name is synonymous with the title Atlantis itself from Sanskrit, the word a-tala (plain sinks) and therefore there was no point to dubious relationship with the Continent Lost or Paradise lost itself, which is located in Indonesia (Arysio Santos, it 156).

Then it was the ancestral origin of the Egyptian people, the insistence Arysio Santos that Indonesia is the baboons which is the ancestral land (Tower), Fire Island, where the Egyptians originally derived, in ancient times once. Nation was forced out because of a natural disaster that devastated their homeland, Indonesia (Punt), they moved to the Land of Hope in the Near East. Egypt is Het-ka-Ptah, “Ptah second residence”. Ptah is the Supreme Creator in the Egyptian pantheon. He symbolizes the paideuma, the whole culture and civilization.

From the “Land of the Gods” is the Aryans, Jews, and Phoenicians also originated, as well as some other nations thoroughbred mix build extraordinary civilizations in the ancient world, including the American nation (p 131). Thus the alpha-omega actually happened in the first mass extinction, the close / end the times we live in medium (end-time mezosoikum), the first end of the life cycle of about 80 thousand – 75 thousand years ago. Arisyo Santos classify them as the end of Atlantis Lemuria, which we look at as the end of the era of domination of Civilization. While the second mass extinction ended the era of new life, the end of the ice age, the end of the life cycle of about 11,000 years ago.

Arysio Santos classify them as the end of Atlantis the Son, who tercermati as the era of domination expiration of Culture. Atlantis Lemuria and Atlantis Son explained the beginning of creation that occurs in World Ancient / Old: region Poros (Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Sulawesi as a sample listofer of the Continent the Lost / Paradise Lost, region of the continent of Atlantis), the West region in the plains of Sunda (Mainland Primitive Java, part of the continent of Asia), East region in the plains Sahul (Aru Islands, Irian Island, part of the continent of Australia). Cross between Atlantis Lemuria by Atlantis Son, by the philosopher Plato mentions as a civilization governance civil society is very high, as the biological mother of world civilization. Arysio Santos calls as Cross Atlantis, Van Wouden termed dualism Kosmos (Sky-Earth) with Dualism Social (Female-Male) to regulate a social structure of East Indonesia, which is the discernment we have been applied in the islands of Solor (Adonara, Solor, Lembata) and community at the eastern end of the island of Flores in east Nusa Tenggara province, as Lewotanah http://filsafat.kompasiana.com/2012/08/01/lewotanah-surga-positivisme-surga-empirisme-bangsa-lamaholot-simbol-kepulauan-matahari-purba-nusa-tenggara-maluku/

The third life cycle, after the last ice age put India as an area of Poros, East China, West in Egypt, which by Arysio Santos introduced as a replica era of Atlantis.

Replication of Paradise Lost (cross atlantis) in India as Poros (conviction pair of pillars in the east and a pair of pillars in the west, the pillar to five is the shaft), East China (yin-Yan), West in Egypt (the pyramid), ended 5000 years then. KemudianReplika Paradise Lost (Cross Atlantis) shifts to the Greco Israel as Poros, in the Arab East, West, Rome. Greece with philosophy Logic-Aesthetics-Ethics, Israel with the Ten Commandments / Cross Jews. Rome with the western philosophy, the cross of Christ, Arab with Eastern philosophy, kosmogram atlantis, ended 3,000 years ago. Followed 2,000 years ago as a replica of Paradise Lost affirmation pivots in Israel with Jewish Cross, West Rome with the Cross of Christ, in Arab East with Kosmogram Atlantis.

Interspersed era of enlightenment in 1600-1800 and then as Modern era which marks the appearance of Science and technology (science) correcting the darkness of the middle ages (1500 years ago). Closing In the modern era were spit out by marking the axis of a change in the start of the West, as if the science of Man and the Universe was sourced from the West. Placing the UK as the region changes through reform of its common law with France as the region changes revolution through its civil law.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal as the spearhead changes to the invasion, then colonized with the intention of seeking and finding the region’s Paradise Lost http://sosbud.kompasiana.com/2012/07/24/cendana-cengkeh-pala-sebagai-pembuka-tabir-misteri-geografis-atlantis-yang-hilang/. In the development until the present as if axis shifts to the United States, the China-Russia Eastern bloc, cs, a block west of Europe, cs. United States with anglo-saxon law of his, which often makes its presence as a “world policeman”, in global terms feud stemming all the world nuanced Eastern bloc vs. the Western bloc, although often more biased towards the West. Looking ahead pendialektika Indonesia Raya play a role (as axis) in a showdown between the Eastern bloc vs. the Western bloc, because the real Pancasila Bung Karno activity initiated in 1945, became Poros penselaras-matching-balanced between Capitalism (West) vs. Socialism (Eastern). Dataran Poros (Nusa Tenggara region of Sulawesi-Maluku-listofer as samples from the Lost Continent / Paradise Lost): Alpha-Omega as the true world, the initial creation of the world and the region would become a region of the world hereafter. ***
More: http://www.kompasiana.com/pinorokan/alpha-omega-gagasan-pengulangan-plato-mengungkap-misteri-surga-yang-hilang_552b26edf17e618b76d623f2


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