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The Recent News on Atlantis Foundation


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I am very happy the recent connections and actions in Indonesia.

Here pak Dhani Irwanto and Diana Fengler Shores make a reunion for combining and promoting Dhani Irwanto’s excellent book on Atlantis location in Java Sea.

One fantastic research, this book, along with the books of Danny Hilman and Ahmad Samantho are very advanced research in the field of Atlantology.

Bold and serene, these works need to be promoted and some translated into English. We gather to raise resources to curating and exposing these theories to the world. Much help and interest will raise in the future…

In special due to the new publication of Graham Hancock, one early participator of our Atlantis Forums. In his book “Magicians of the Gods”, GH will greatly popularize the theory of Sundaland as the cradle of mankind’s civilization.

The theory was proposed in 1995 and as all that is very complex and new, takes time to get digested. It is now common place, and will be a new paradigm soon, that the World had one common birthplace and that we can show and recompose it to demonstrate truth…

As to revenge Plato and all of his believers, as well as people like Arysio Santos, who gave many of his years to the research in this field that provides no pay or recognition.

However, Professor Arysio’s publication and efforts in Forums and spreading the word and his theory managed to make the concept alive and kicking in Indonesia…

As a rather direct result, even the Government was alerted, as well as authorities and scholars that gathered and finally raised interest and eventually, helped discussing the matter further.

Although there is not much resource involved still, people are realizing soon that we need gathering together, in order to preserving truth, or risk losing it in a whole.

With the efforts of people like Frank Joseph Hoff and the studies of scientists like Ali Akbar, findings and connections were made to further motivate and raise interest in the matter of Atlantis.

Before seen as an pure idiocy, Atlantis turns to be the new jewel of sciences and history.
Thanks to the publication of “Eden in the East” from Professor Stephen Oppenheimer from the same publishing house as “Atlantis, the Lost Continent Finally Found” of Professor Arysio Santos. These two books, published in Indonesia in sync had a great repercussion years ago.


we need to recompose our story… our LOST HISTORY.

so many puzzles,, we know… but there is ONE RESOLUTION!}

and Indonesia, real cradle of mankind is the answer to so many problems!!.. even though it does not seem, at first instance,, this proposal radically seems to resolve most mysteries of ancient,, and of origin…


Thank God and all these people mentioned here, We are definitely entering a new age of collaboration, but one age of identifying unknown truth…

this will allow us to bond into one goal and objective and only then, to restore real wisdom …

We hope more people to see the need..so we do our part… Sharing and researching…

INDONESIA ROCKS!!! What a surprise to find so many intelligent and good willing people. It is definitely one unique place. and people collaborate over limitations of faith and lack of wisdom….

That allowed them to come forward and start to raise the interest and keep moving towards rescuing and restoring their lost past. With it,,, its real Glory.

Indoneisa is known to be earth’s true “paradise”, but this statement is soon is losing its magic… the true PARADISE – or EDEN (or the Bilblical Paradise) was Indonesia.. the true ORIGIN of India and Egypt, and all else in the planet. .. It must be known…

The true Land of Gods…Indonesia was the real EDEN.. .and was Plato’s Atlantis, as well as so many other paradises…
We can show all this!!! and for that to come true in our lifetimes, we need gathering and reconizing source, maintaining compromise and trust.

Our objecti is to restore the truth. The same objective of religion and of science… restore the true wisdom that we lost.

We can infer that Indonesia,turns to provide for the most advanced team for resarch of their (and our) lost past…

the recomposition of our lost history is all we aim in common.

greatly advanced in the research of Atlantis in Sundaland.

One cool acquisition to Atlantis Foundation team.

Soon we will have our Paradise restored to this earth. And Indonesia will rescue all its past forgotten glory. This is our duty, to restore our forgotten story, the glory of the ancient gods.

This was the real dream of many great people of Wisdom like prof. Arysio Santos proposed, restoring Paradise to this Earth… All prophets in all times proposed this need. To restore lost wisdom and bring the Kingdom of God to earth.

By accrediting the concept of Paradise on earth, for it was a true thing, we will reunite people going toward ONE SINGLE GOAL… one objective that shall redeem us from ignorance, restoring hidden and obliterated truth about our origins.

Since Plato, long before Christ, many had this dream and WE ARE HELPING MAKING IT REAL.


through these connections of peoples and of interests… the connection of competences and resources…through the reaching of a COMMON GOAL… we are set to RESTORING THIS LOST TRUTH..

And only by understanding the concept and reality of Paradise, all earth will be bound to perfection, to restoring its pristine condition of WISDOM AND INTEGRATION (love).

It is our true aim to restore Wisdom… and No prejudism and no greed takes place in this journey… Not for the faint of heart,, not for the fearing ignorant…. And certainly not for the ones with obscure intentions…

Paradise is real and is comming… together with it… the TRUTH. and many intitutions will fall,, will e doomed as wrong.

expect one reassembling of peoples and interests… reverting the current paradigm,, full of gaps and patches… we all shall give ourselves into it. Accept the other side and let happen the change….

One major redemption to the mainstram science and history… certain to be able to hide forever its misdoings… one whole era of ignorance is about to end..



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