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Gunung Padang site or Java Pyramids was syncronized with Galactic Center ?

So, can we come to conclusion that gunung padang site or java pyramids was syncronized with Galactic Center

(My Correspondence with Dr.Hugo Kennes on Earth Grid at Gunung Padang Pyramids)

Foto Suryaning Dewanti.

Ahmad , thank You for becoming friends. I have the greatest interest in the Research of Your Institute , much much more than in Earthgrids You know. I came accidentally in the earthgrids research , and a few weeks ago proposed Dan Shaw of Vortexmaps to setup a Face Book group about all this curious alignments people find thanks to Google Earth. We don’t know which decision makers and architects or geomancers are behind all this sacred groundgeometry in the past or today(esoteric movements) Its a great enigma , today we can only collect as much as possible data. Hugo Brussels
Nice to meet you Mr. Hugo Kennes, yes, we have same interest to do research on ancient mistery, that have the same root, maybe from atlanten civilization orn Lemurian, or maybe ancient alien

Can i learn more about vector grid, world vortex grid ? It is related to earth electromagnetism (gravitation level) ?


Ahmed , its a complete mystery, myself and many others are trying to find the origin and the scientific physics behind. Its the major reason we setup this Face Book Group in the hope to get collected worldwide as many as possible local curious alignments found that probably match several UVGs, the Multileyered UVGS enigma.
 Hasil gambar untuk vortex grid
In 1950 (postwar World War 2) Buckminster Fuller giived an UVG (called Dymaxion) aligned TEPE – mount Ararat, in 1980 Hagens-Beckers an UVG aligned Gizeh – NP. They received the grid from Chris Bird who received it from Makarov in USSR. Meantime it appears this spherical grid technique was used for moon landings and explorations , the grid can also be aligned on the Eltanin Antenna (Bruce Cathie UFO grid) , based on so called UFO antenna 5000 m deep sub water; transposed on Mars it sems corresponding Mars landings and explorations. A lot is already on E – News , and IN the images of the fixed images-message above the FB Group! I send You much more …
November 23, 2013 11:37 pm

Dear , i will try to send You asap as much as possible background information on the UVG (one of the worldgrids) technique (i have to make anyway a better introduction tekst for my service page E – News Earthgrids News ) The Prof. Hagens UVG grid (spherical unified vector grid) linking the Indonesian pyramids to the American Continent pyramids can be downloaded as Google Earth overlay (to open in Google Earth ) with the UVG simulator command http://www.montalk.net/cgi-bin/coordinates.py?shape=beckerhagens&lat1=4.386961&lon1=89.562089&lat2=5.386961&lon2=89.562089&submit=Click+to+receive+download+link
When downloading, the file extension “.kml” must be added to the file name You choose, then just open in Google Earth. Please let me known if it works, then i send additional simulation on Stonehenge and Beaghmore (it is not impossible that around the Atlantic, and around the Pacific , two great cultures developed ; i’m not at all an historian and have not a good view on what people currently call Atlantis , or Lemuria ?
I also think earth catastrophes and floods, and ocean level rising severely damaged or submerged several times those early multi continental civilizations. Always at Your service for any explanation. Hugo Brussels PS i also think a lot of correct information about earthgrids approaches is kept hidden , and certainly UVG ( a very strange story , i even think the several grid techniques known on internet are false alignments to mislead the public opinion ,away from grids tested physicly in industrial-military-astronautical domains.
February 18th, 4:50pm

Hallo Dear Mr Hugo

Dear , i mentioned again on E – News Your fabulous website and a related logo who reflects so well sacred traditions and the Kernel of all religiosity. I hope i may ? …
the original source of that picture is http://www.sacredscience.org
my blogs dedicated to unifiying humanity under one big family under God

But that don’t work anymore ; but indeed advanced positive scientists concluded to mysticism
yes that is is the real true mysticism

Mysticism is the common key in most religions, all Mystics show the same

thank You i will look at immediately, and eventualy add some elements on E(nergy) – News (just trying to hint people on so many fantastic websites on internet related the Always )
you are welcome
February 27th, 3:39pm

i completed Zitman on E – News : 7 pages about this enigma for him : cheops or khufu far east : But who was Khufu the pyramid builder : http://andrewgough.co.uk/khufu.html For Egyptolog Wim Zitman he has a Far-Eastern physionomy ??? (book comparing the worldwide similar usage in time cycles : De Kosmische Slinger de Tijden, Cosmic Pendulum of Times, http://www.zitman.org/ Page 302 – 309 even adds : Manetho remarked that the rulers of the 4th dynasty were foreign , large periods in the Egyptian chronology are correct if the numbers are interpreted in OCTAL , the Iching numeric trigram system

will study asap

thanks, will eventualy pass Wim (Zitman) , we bumped heads despite long friends : he disagree with the UVG approach of Prof. Bethe Hagens

thank You , will read and put the links on e-news if appropriate ; already done for first link
the Key word is SERENDIP or Svarna Dwipa (Sumatra now in Indonesia)

will study for me , for e-news the emphasis is on the gridding , but historical backgrounds are very wellcome
March 2nd, 5:10pm

Dear , do You have experience with Causes application in FB for promoting novelties ? Was it eventual successfull ? Some members of E – News suggest me that media facility for promoting metageometries in general if which earthgrid systems is a part. Are other researchers of sacred geometries using this facility that You know. Perhaps we must unite the efforts under Causes with a common denominator Parageometries , like Parapsycology ??? Camera Kies een sticker of emoticon MobielCaroline Kennes .. Begin chatgesprek 28 januari 17:12 victor moet voor onderzoek morgen naar hospitaal specialist ? . Ja , laat dan maar … Sinusontsteking is veel te gevaarlijk voor mij … Heb ik geen zin in … Wens ze veel beterschap en tot één van de volgende dagen dan … Gr . 30 januari 12:01 Piep kom net van de dokter . Hij wil dat ik volledig terug juiste doorbloeding heb voor ik terug ga werken . Hier bestaat medicatie voor maar hij geeft die liever niet omdat heel veel mensen daar zo ziek van zijn . Daarom de trage manier … . Heb een soort afneembare gips gekregen om mijn been en voet te ondersteunen en moet 3 keer per week naar de fysio blijven gaan. Het is één van de moeilijkste genezen blessures die er zijn omdat het niet opereerbaar is … . Dus ben nog thuis tot en met maart . Groetjes ! . 30 januari 15:56 Amai wasda zeg !! Couroge . 13 februari 10:40 Hello, alles ok daar met de herstelling ? vergeet de ING bank niet (terugstorting belastingen …) ; heb ge nieuws van dat toeristenbureaau in Aalst ? speel uw ervating als air-hostess daar uit ? bel ze ? opgelet soms is het een reclamestunt voor het reisagentschap, doen alsof het zo’n sukses is dat ze personeel moeten aanwerven , dat geeft vertrouwen en lokt klanten aan ! . 13 februari 13:05 Ja ze zijn hier nu bezig met herstellingen . ongeveer een uur geleden Hello , carnaval, carnaval,carnaval .. we gaan tegen 1 uur bij Corinne, ik ga met Guy verder naar de Koolstraat zoals verleden jaar … en juliie ??? . Hallo kheb al gebeld op thuisnummer en u gsm … . Ik kan zo lang niet staan … Kzou begot niet weten hoe dat uit te houden … Koen gaat zowieso al niet … Hij gaat naar brugge … . Ik kom misschien af … Met mijn trolleyken om op te zitten …. . Kheb naar corinne gebeld en jullie zouden rondstappen … Het is met pijn in het hart maar tzal geen zondagsstoet worden voor mij … Koen gaat morgen met mij de vorming hier aan de deur aflopen en naar het begin van de stoet zien … . jamaar ik stap niet rond dan zie ik de stoet niet , kom maar bij mij staan waar ? . Einde chatgesprek Camera Kies een sticker of emoticon .. ..

Dear , FB mixed a conversation with my daughter in Dutch, only the english beginning tekst was relevant in previous entry
March 5th, 5:06pm

Very interesting links i saw on Hancocks website : simulation earthgrid and water levels , interactive, until 100K BC http://sahultime.monash.edu.au/fullScreen.html I contacted them about ancients earthgrids overlay aligned NP, SP, middle precesional, and galactic (arkaim-somapura-padang) centered
March 8th, 3:46pm

Dear , i put the worldwide UVG Java Pyramids on Graham’s website , and invited him for e-news : https://www.facebook.com/GrahamHancockDotCom (this UVG seems aligned Google Sky Galactic Center )

Ancients seems to align NP , or SP , or middle precessional (Draco constellation), or Galactic Center for us ??? This are the results of a scientific UVG applied on Geolines Rusia Historic Geodetic Research of Basil Petrov. I just applied the UVG simulator, i cannot change the undeniable facts !
Where i cam get or download that image

which image ? Google Sky transposal ?
UVG Java pyramids

We must be carefull and check with archeoastronomers ; i asked author Collins to put me in contact with his friend archeo-astronomer ; but then without knowing i translated Ogam script at Gizeh for author Richard Gabriel (who is in deep conflict with Collins) ; result , no contacts more with Collins ; then i mailed and messaged etc etc author Bauval (who is from my country here!) : no answer ; now i try to get the attention of Hancock who certainly know archeoastronomers, never reactions ; i asked here a very famous Belgian archeo-astronomer Lacroix 4 times , i phoned him , he refuse to recognize the ancients UVG theory of Makarov(Rusia, died)-Hagens (Prof. Anthropology USA at 2 major Universities!) , therefore he even refuse even to look at , let stay verify! I now hope Hancock perhaps will get the info (because it are assistants who make and filter the FBs) , like for Bauval , thats why they never answer !

The download command for the UVG simulator of Tom Montalk , generating automatically a Google Earth overlay, was given on E – News ? I will look at and send here.

For the pyramids overlay , Megalithic Portal , downloads page for several systems ; KML format overlay for Google Earth : http://www.megalithic.co.uk/topics.php?countries=1&kmldown=1

Command Montalk , don’t forget to add the file extension .kml for later opening in Google earth ; click : http://montalk.net/cgi-bin/coordinates.py?shape=beckerhagens&lat1=-4.386961&lon1=-89.562089&lat2=-5.386961&lon2=-89.562089&submit=Click+to+receive+download+link ; of course to quadruple check with recognized (archeo)astronomers No copy rights , free usage , just inform the respective Universities theoreticly, “university licence” ; for the pyramids overlay the website Megalithic Portal of Andy Burnham must be mentioned

Above , the UVG Somapura pyramid and the UVG Basil Petrovs major geodetic ancint nodepoint near Somapura , are almost identical

But for me , it delivers the Java pyramids , directly Galactic Center synchronized, to check of course with professional archeoastronomers, NASA? Universities? recognized archeoastronomers-hobbyists

Ahmad , i’m even not realy interested in grids , i came accidentally on, and informed Hagens years ago !!! Like usualy nothing was done , but i understood , some almost lost almost their job at their Universty for all this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, can we come to conclusion that gunung padang site or java pyramids was syncronized with Galactic Center

The ancients we think positioned themselves via sky mapping, not realy direct earth mapping ? “As Above As Below” hermetic principle , indirect earth mapping. But this must be verified by archeo-astronomers The skyglobe (Egyptian Goddess Nut) is triggering the mapping , Prof. Bethe Hagens : http://missionignition.net/bethe/EarthSkyGrids.php

The amazing is , that when You just toggle today in the toolbar of Google Earth , the option Google Sky, Draco constellation (middle precessional ?) correspond stone circle of Vera Island , and the Galactic center position aligns in Somapura & Basil Petrovs UVG on the Java pyramid fields ? A good question for astronomers ….
March 8th, 9:36pm

To my greatest astonishment , Ahmad , i received an answer of Graham Hanccock ?!  He suggest an article on his website , so i consult Bethe Hagens and Basil Petrov asap about the idea of an article. Perhaps interesting to translate in Indonesian at the same time the article on Your website ?
March 9th, 4:55pm

I’m looking with co-administrator of E – News , Daniel E. Shaw , how we may eventually update with the new findings an ancient article on Dan’s website Vortexmap ?
March 9th, 6:59pm
Yes i have Granham Hanccok’s article in my website. I thinks it is better if i translate to Bahasa Indonesia with adding your research on art

i was referring to Dan Shaw , but can You give me the link to Graham Hancocks article on Your website ?
March 10th, 1:03pm

Thanks , i posted on E – News. Graham asked an article publicly for his website , on his FB, about the UVG type of Earthgrid approach I’m now looking with other members of E – News on the copy rights problem related the Buck minster Geometries (Foundations and Patents Management) , geometries involved in UVG indirectly … we must be very care full with articles on top or commercial websites.
March 12th, 1:55pm

March 28th, 2:33pm

Ahmad , i invited authors member of E-News to become ‘member like it’ of Gunung Padang FB , say immediately yes : Gary David, Cort Lindhal, Steve Mead,Richard Gabriel, Barbara Hero, Zach Royer
April 7th, 1:58pm

Dear, for info , because You link to earthgrids Geolines Rusia, just received from Basil Petrov : Dear Hugo! Good day! Unfortunately project “GeoLines” is almost stopped now. I can’t answer you at all. Please send me everything interesting, I’ll try to answer you. Sorry and best regards Basil Petrov Please save his webpages that You references. Hugo Brussels
Thanks Dear Hugo Kennes

2 hours ago

Ahmad , who is the author of FB Gunung Padang Megalithic Sites ? You, Danny, some one else ?
Not me, not Danny Hilmanatawijaya, But the author is Dr. Ali Akbar, archaeologist researchers from Universitas Indonesia, Depok
Ooo. I am sorry, The author of the Book entitled Situs Megalitik Gunung Padang is Dr. Ali Akbar, but the administrator of FB Group/Page of Gunung Padang, Maybe both of Ali Akbar and Danny Hilman.

Related Graham’s visits , they asked more on the UVG grid connecting Padang directly by vectors to other major worldwide pyramids. Confidential : Graham asked to write an article about for his website, but i didn’t ; some UVG developesr have bad

(continuation) contacts, others don’t recognize realy my findings showing that during millenia i guess several UVGs exist : South Pole , North Pole , Middle Precessional , Galactic center (Padang) aligned. My findings are accidental , and are not realy important to me ; so others can use it freely and test the UVGs freely in Google Earth themselves ; the corresponding sites (stone circles,pyramids) are so Obvious that i even don’t loose my time by defending it , promoting it , or write articles. Its all on Face Book Group E – News Earthgrids News

Graham can download them and test himself in Google Earth , verify with an archaeo – astronomer , and test it with professional simulators on any Universities, Faculty Geogrphic Sciences , or ask Nasa to verify

I’m quit sure of my accidental findings, even Geolines Rusia proposed to cooperate with their researchers, but i didn’t because Basil Petrov left the group, and the others stay anonymous, i only can speak via their anonymous website admin ?!

But i will post more info on Gunung Padang FB , because i like so much Danny and his so wonderfull family fotos that i receive from his FB
20 minutes ago

No copy rights , free usage Hugo

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