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Indonesia have “Magicians of the Gods”, the sequel to “Fingerprints of the Gods”.

KEKAYAAN ragam BUDAYA yang ada di INDONESIA sedemikian DAHSYAT, sehingga banyak menarik minat ILMUWAN ARKEOLOGI asing melakukan PENELITIAN serta RISET di NEGERI NUSANTARA ini.

Sayangnya ILMUWAN BUDAYA kita justru banyak yang terjebak pada kegiatan POLITIK ECEK – ECEK, berlabel DEMOKRASI manipulatif yang berujung dan berpangkal (BLUNDER), pada SYAHWAT KEKUASAAN yang TIRAN dan DIKTATOR.

Apakah mereka lupa mempelajari dan mengingat kembali, bahwa keruntuhan peradaban suatu bangsa dikarenakan pengaruh PENGUASA yang TIRAN dan DIKTATOR tersebut ?

I’m in Indonesia on a research trip for “Magicians of the Gods”, the sequel to “Fingerprints of the Gods”.

Indonesia is of immense significance to my work because its many islands were part of a gigantic continent during the last Ice Age – a continent that was dramatically flooded and submerged around 11,600 years ago at the end of the mysterious period that geologists call the Younger Dryas. Santha and I are travelling with Danny Hilman Natawidjaja, senior geologist at Indonesia’s Geotechnology Centre.

Danny’s research has raised the intriguing possibility that the megalithic site of Gunung Padang in West Java may be more than 12,000 years old – as old or older than Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, another archaeological enigma that is rewriting history. (For background on the Gunung Padang Story and on Gobekli Tepe see my January 2014 article


On our present research trip we’re extending our investigation to look at megalithic traces all over Indonesia and have spent the past six days travelling hundreds of miles in remote parts of the island of Sulawesi accompanied also by archaeologist Iksam Kailey, Curator of the Province Museum of Central Sulawesi. He took us to the Bada Valley where there are huge numbers of megalithic statues some of which are illustrated in the accompanying photographs. Iksam believes the megaliths to be at least four thousand years old, much older than some foreign “experts” propose, but is frustrated by the absence of thorough dating work at any of the sites on which a reliable chronology could be based. “Archaeology is in its infancy on our island,” he said. “There are so many mysteries here”. We found statues lying in river beds (see photos, top right) and lost in forests. Iksam and his team are still cataloguing them and are sure that many more will be discovered in the years to come, perhaps resulting in a chronology that will surprise every one.

We left Bada Valley, truly a delightful, beautiful, remote place, to drive on to Toraja in South Sulawesi. From there we go on to Flores by air, and thence to Sumatra and finally back to Java to revisit Gunung Padang. We’re covering long distances and there’s a lot to see but I’ll try to report again in the next couple of days.

  • Brandon Dustin Paragraphing would help me absorb the content better. Sorry, poor reader : /
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    • Graham Hancock replied · 5 Replies · 22 mins
  • Mark Richard Hill Seen you mentioned in a couple of books by Knight and Lomas, do you think this flood may be attributed to a multiple comet strike Graham Hancock?
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    • Graham Hancock replied · 5 Replies · 2 hrs
  • Josh Koester There’s going to be a sequel to “Fingerprints of the Gods”…..You magnificent bastard, you!!! This news made my day!
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  • Berit Oftedal Yes, keep researching in Indonesia! I have twice been puzzled when in Bali I go to visit Goa Gajah. GG is just a cave, but has a strange artefact inside on a hollow carved in the bedrock. It looks to an unknowing eye as if it is some kind of cylinder..But the strangest part is found in a ravine about 5 mins walk from there. The photos I’ve taken there leave me puzzled as a giant fallen piece of rock has some remarkable relieffs..or whatever it may be. It’s not mentioned in the books I got hold of.
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  • James Anton Magic was science just a new name for something old
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  • Jason Fredenburg Awesome I read fingerprints of the gods it was an amazing book
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