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by Alphada Satriansa on Friday, July 17, 2009 at 9:40pm ·

 disclaimer: i’m asking to Whom read this note may kindly share your Love to the story, and i invite anybeing who would like to enrich this never ending story..

 l o v e

Shamanic Secrets for Material Mastery Speaks of Many Truths and Zoosh through Robert Shapiro – 1999 p.357-358 (“Atlantis, Separation and You”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1STM-nF7V8&feature=channel_video_title added 15/7/2011)

The Spiritual Atlanteans Inadvertently Destroyed Atlantis… Interestingly enough, in Atlantis the beings who were of the spiritual class were the beings who inadvertently destroyed Atlantis. Remember, I’ve said that Atlantis did not come to its natural end. If Atlantis had gone on, it might have been able to get past the separation/ technology lesson, but because of the extremes of what was going on there, those in the spiritual group couldn’t abide it.

Understand that there was a great deal of suffering going on in those who had been crossbred, and the class level of society had left so many beings out of citizenship (using a pseudo Roman term in its cultural application) that the spiritual, loving individuals could not accept what was being done. Even today you find people who cannot accept the idea that animals in laboratories are tortured, maimed and otherwise horribly mistreated just so human beings can test everything from drugs that might save other human beings or prevent terrible disease, but also to discover whether a shampoo is safe by spraying it in the open eyes of rabbits or other animals.

If you think about it, that correlates rather nicely to the idea of a class of being that was created only to do the tough work, the grunt work, and was otherwise grossly mistreated. If somebody became exhausted and fell down, they would be moved out of the way of the others, but they wouldn’t be taken to a hospital. They wouldn’t be given treatment because they weren’t considered to be a person. They were less-than.

But were they ensouled?

All beings are ensouled. There is no exception, even a being that people feel they have created. Nowadays your scientific corporations are patenting life forms, as if to say that this is not really life. It’s a form of life-and it is also ensouled. The seduction to enslaving is still with you.

As a result of all that, those spiritual beings set up a perimeter around the continent of Atlantis, though calling it a continent is a stretch of imaginations. The entire landmass was not much bigger than the state of New York, so it’s not as big as it’s often portrayed. They had enough people to set up a perimeter, and by using crystals, tones, and sounds and remembered ways of being from Lemuria, they attempted to transform all the beings on Atlantis, including citizens and scientists and experimenters as well as classes of beings made to suffer and toil.

I want you who are reading this to pay attention here: They attempted to raise them up above their current vibration to a more benevolent place of being without their permission. They weren’t asked, you see. They had tried for years and years to get those who were in ruling positions or positions of influence to change things, but they weren’t changed. So they set this up with crystals. Understand that they were attempting to re-create. They set up a re-creation cycle on the physical first because they felt they needed to change the physical vibration of beings. When they set up that physical transformation, it changed the molecular structure of the island itself, and the underpinnings of the island were no longer able to float the island in place. That’s why it sank.

It was a good idea, but it was applied in a way that was ultimately self-destructive. I’m correlating this to things in your time where everything from missionaryism to even some applications of ascension, with the best intentions, can sometimes unintentionally do things that are quite the opposite of the original goal.

So these spiritual beings were basically Lemurians who did not get caught up in technology. They were in Atlantis, but they still kept their Lemurian Feeling-based lifestyle?

Yes, they were Atlantean citizens, but they explored the roots. Atlantis believed in keeping libraries of information, so there was a lot of information about Lemuria. It was like today when groups of people come together and adapt a culture to their spiritual pursuits. That’s what these people did. They were Atlantean citizens who had experienced the full range of all Atlantis had to offer them, but they turned their back on it. They said, “Let’s do something more” or “Let’s do something better.” They weren’t a separate class beings; they weren’t anointed, as it were. They were regular people who said, “Let’s do something better.”

Rather than ask for it or pray for it or strive toward it or even politically encourage it, they attempted to use magic through the use of crystals. Although they attempted to use benevolent magic, because they were impatient (I’m not judging them; I’m just saying what happened) they wanted to jump several steps and bring everybody up to a higher place of being. But as you know, many people do not want to go to that place of being because they are perfectly happy where they are.

Where are those beings now? Are they incarnating on Earth or someplace else?

I do not know for sure, why did they do that precisely? Why there was such a ‘hurry’? How did the consultation with Mother Earth? And so on.. But for certain despite the glory of Atlantean there happened tragedy after tragedy. The second one was in correlate with the myth of Osiris, Isis, and friends (around 50000 years ago). Herewith the condensed form of the story of them. Please be notified that eventhough it talks about the Nile, the story didn’t happen in Egypt, but in ‘Atlantis’ [“The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” by Drunvalo Melchizedek, p.131]. We can sense some similarity with the story of Siyung Wanara in Babad Tanah Jawi. Is it kind of the same event different story teller, or just an echo of the previous event? For the moment I do not exactly know, nevertheless it is something appealing to me.

Graphic Myths: Egyptian Myths by Gary Jeffrey & illustrated by Romano Felmang – 2006

The Tragedy of Osiris in ‘Atlantis’

There were two brothers and two sisters from the same family. Their names were Isis, Nephthys (or Nefus), Osiris, and Seth. Isis married Osiris, and Nefus married Seth. Osiris became the first King of Egypt who taught the people how to farm the land, honour the gods, and obey his fair laws. But somehow, Seth was unhappy with the Osiris popularity (I think it was somehow correlate with the first tragedy around 5000 years before when the sun rose in the west which is going to be rose in the west again around this 2012 [“The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” by Drunvalo Melchizedek, p.97-98]) . Until Osiris conducted a military expedition, and during the expedition Seth made a plan something nasty to coup d’etat the kingdom. After the victorious expedition Seth invited Osiris to celebrate it. In that celebration Seth seduced Osiris to laid down in a coffin, and right after that sealed Osiris in the coffin(mm.. at this particular point it sound familiar with the story of Siyung Wanara, Ki Ajar Cempaka..). Then he put the coffin floated it down the Nile. This killing disturbed Isis, and she and Nefus went out to look for Osiris. They found his body and brought it back, intending to bring Osiris back to life. When Seth found out, he cut Osiris’ body into fourteen pieces and spread them all over the world so that his sisters could not bring him back to life. Isis and Nefus went out looking for these pieces to put him back together. They found thirteen of the fourteen and assembled the pieces, but they never found the phallus, the fourteenth piece. It was Thoth who, through magic, restored the fourteenth piece. This restored the creative energy flow, brought Osiris back to life and in addition, gave him being the first Atlantean achieved the immortal state of being… in the Drunvalo’s book, the story followed with the explanation of how Osiris went through three levels of consciousness, and the establishment of Atlantean religion and later on became the religion of Egypt.

 We can sense the ‘Old Atlantean’ ripple, if we would like to, by tapping in some places in “Atlantis’, the land, the river, the beach, the stones, etc. But please be careful not to get attached with the impressions.

The Geniuses in ‘Atlantis’ People Who are Capable of Ridding Them of Resentment

this drawing is made by Guruji ‘bread’, Drunvalo ‘book’, some information from Beings, our collective imagination, plus little bit obsession on ‘Atlantis’; and please be informed that not all of the lines are being bold, only lines that directly pertinent to the context of this Note; meanwhile this drawing is maybe only around 2% of the whole ‘Atlantean’ patterns; moreover from “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, p.233” by Drunvalo Melchizedek, advises that if we were to sit down and draw them ourselves, actually construct them, something happens to us, something far beyond what happens if we simply look at them (have a nice try Buddies 🙂 p.s.: the local name the shape as bende, gong, and at the other side of this world the American Native has a specific name for its similarity with a cowboy hat, http://explorerrace.blogspot.com/2009/07/2009-predictions-medicine-hat.html ^_^If we take a look at the above map we can see several energy patterns being established as mentioned in the first chapter of this note. But this is only a little portion of the grand pattern.

 We can see the energy pattern of ‘Panjalu’ and ‘Jenggala’ which were made in accordance with Archangel Lucifer way of interpreting the world being established around couple hundred thousand years prior to the arrival of our Lemurian Ancestors, also the ‘second level’ and ‘third level’ of flower-of-life being established by the Lemurian in accordance with Archangel Michael way of interpreting the world. We also can see the straight line of tree-of-life (trisula running from west to east) of RATU which hold executive quality (see Lucky Hendrawan facebook http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=109878638504#/note.php?note_id=98896479168 ), the other line of RASI (legislative/ Brahma-Saraswati/ feminine) flowing in the southern sea, and the RAMA line (judicative/ Wisnu-Laksmi/ masculine) in the north of the island (more or less the similar story is described with the arrangement of buildings complex in Candi Prambanan, and mural art in Anand Ashram Sunter Jakarta

( http://www.anandkrishna.org )).

 Those trees-of-life were established by the Lemurian around 78000 years ago intentionally designed to promote human appreciation being in multidimensional life, which in turn support their soul evolution. However, there were some complicated things being arisen in consequent with the incompatibility between Lucifer program and Michael one. For instance, we can see the symbols >> in RATU line which representing kind of ‘an arduous climbing’ and ‘an overspeed descending’ situation. These situations in turn provoke in the way human perceive their outer world, some tend to use more their quality of ‘visual’ way, and some others ‘aural’ way. I think that’s one of the reason why ‘Wayang Kulit’ is more easily to be popular in ‘Jenggala’ area than ‘Wayang Golek’ in ‘Panjalu’ area.

 This incompatibility creates some misplaced things that facilitate misunderstanding, miscommunication, misperception, disorientation, etc., which lead into energy crashes, tragedy after tragedy, until the big one that almost killed our Mother Earth and humanity. Since that big catastrophic energy accident around 13000 years ago, up until now, there are several attempts in order to heal the energy wound which badly affect the human consciousness. The main project begun by Thoth, Ra, and Araragat.

 In realizing this incompatibility our recent Ancestors tries to develop somekind of ‘converter devices’; and ‘driver softwares’ in response to nurture human consciousness. Such works can be sensed in the placement of Borobudur, Kalasan, Prambanan, Boko, etc.; at the other hand we can also learned from a religion that tend to use more vibration technique, a religion that tend to be musical, a religion that exercising the root of mind and quality of mind, and a younger religion that exercising the way human use logics and words in order to achieve a receptive condition to God Love.

 One of the notifiable one is the sincere classic Mataram King Sanjaya (Mataram = Mata-RAM, mata = eye -> the Eye of RAM -> I AM). He and His Friends observed the behaviour of people who affected by ‘Panjalu’ energy and concerned that most of them were having arduous effort continuing their soul journey accross multidimensional environment. Therefore, He designed a device that can promote to human consciousness a multidimensional atmosphere, in hoping that they who intent to and has a liberty to choose to continue their journey will be inspired. It seemed that He specifically chose an intersection line between 2nd level and 3rd level of orange Michael in feminine ‘East Panjalu’ area. This 3rd level of orange Michael line running through the 1st medium node eastern part of the center. Several generations later, it was built physically by Gunadharma facilitated by two Srivijayan Kings.

 This device beautifully promoting people to move from kamadhatu, rupadhatu, up to arupadhatu 🙂

 Subsequently He also realized that there was a thing of ‘byproduct’ when people transitioning from ‘Panjalu’ to ‘Jenggala’. It is natural and it is what we have made when we make a transition from one energy pattern/ system to another pattern/system. Something that we no longer able to transform to adapt in a new system. Perhaps the phenomenon is not unlike the heat dissipative energy that being produced in an inverter that converts electric power from AC to DC. (gosh.. i wish i could find an easier words..)

From my point of view it seemed that for the second device He chose a 2nd level of yellow Michael in feminine ‘West Jenggala’ that also running through the 1st medium node eastern part of the center. (pfiuh..)

This second device is purportedly for recycling any waste energy that is no longer being able to be absorbed by some people. The development of physical building finished during reign of Raka-i Pikatan.

 Those two major ‘devices’ are build for one mission, and although had been completed physically in 9th century, up until now, their operating system be continuously upgraded, and updated interactively with the people condition.

 At the other perspective, we can sense that King Sanjaya knows the problem with the ancient trees-of-life (trisula) and offers to us supplemental devices that can help human consciousness to be more respectful to Mother Earth, because a trouble human evolution can also seriously trouble human own Mother (in trouble ‘Atlantis’ we almost killed this Planet, remember.., and it is not polite, because it is not in GOD very intention). Jaya Guru Deva!

 Several centuries later our recent Ancestors developed other supplemental devices in order for sensing and learning the behaviour of the energy transition. We can see in the map an annotation straight green line indicates the alignment of Alun-aluns in respective to the Center. In Kasunanan, the line is perpendicular with the aligned Alun-aluns, purportedly for sensing and learning the feminine ‘West Jenggala’. In Kesultanan, the line is straight directly to the aligned Alun-aluns, purportedly for sensing the masculine transition between the feminine ‘Panjalu – Jenggala’. That’s why in the southern room of Mother Temple in Candi Prambanan has a masculine statue, while in the northern room a feminine one. Bende Mata-RAM!

source: facebook JAVA LAND in a benevolent way, “i’m asking that all those beings in ‘Atlantis’ who are experiencing madness for power and materialism receive all the help they need right now from all those beings who can help them.” “I am asking that the form of life that is generating this disease and madness in the people who are experiencing this, that this form of life mutate now into a benign form that will be gentle on all beings like those whom it’s affecting now.” “And I am asking that the people in ‘Atlantis’ serve the Mother Earth in the most benevolent way that they can.”

The ripple of the ‘Old Atlantis’ is going to be changed, since the installment of the new ‘Atlantean’ program, thanks to Ratu Adil and Her Friends. And, why don’t we also be changed benevolently?

f a j a r p e r u b a h a n

A Way of Reshaping the Past through Our Own Originality Making Continuing New Fresh Story

1. MA-RA BABHU = Alam – Mahadewa – (yang) Melayani. 2. MA-RA BA-BWA = Alam – Mahacahaya – (yang) Sampai = (di) Bumi. (bedah nama yang disampaikan melalui Mbah Lucky Hendrawan, http://www.facebook.com/alphada.satriansa?v=feed&story_fbid=1095322499641)* http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=109878638504

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