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Apparently, Indonesia has some of the pyramids!

Apparently, Indonesia has some of the pyramids!

Posted on March 7, 2011


Hunting Pyramid Collection 
A group of people investigating the high civilizations of the past. 
There is a hill to save the pyramid?

Type of research: Geology & Archaeology
Search Research: The Indonesian Pyramid
Location: West Java Region
Sub Location: Lalakon Sadahurip Hill and Hill


  1. Lalakon Hill (lat =- 6.9585052: lon = 107.5204039)
    Jelegong Village, District Kotawaringin, Bandung regency, West Java.
  2. Sadahurip Hill (lat =- 7.1799258: lon = 108.0416107)
    Cicapar Sand Village, Garut, West Java.

Preparation of Research

The sun was barely above the crown, when four cars pulled up to the edge of Highway Cipatik Soreang-, mid-February 2011. That afternoon, Badaraksa Village located on the hillside, the arrival of guests.

The group was climbing down a small street in the middle of residential areas, heading to the summit of Mount Lalakon, located in the Village Jelegong, District Kotawaringin, Bandung regency.

Gunung Lalakon, Bandung, West Java

From Kampung Badaraksa located at an altitude of about 720 m above sea level, they rushed up around the hill from the south to west.

While carrying various equipment and several large cable reels, the group split the mountain forests. Their footsteps as if chasing a cicada rhythm sound, and katydid on either side.

Gunung Sadahurip, Kabupaten Garut, West Java.Mount Sadahurip, Garut regency, West Java.

The team, consisting of a group of young men and the researchers that, finally reached the peak as high as 988 meters above sea level.

Cables stretched. The team began installing geoelectric equipment they carry. A total of 56 sensors are fitted with an altimeter (altitude meter) strung from the top of the hill down the slope, each five meters, powered by two electric battery.

The tools that serve to detect the level of resistivity of rock, and can be used to analyze the structure of the density of rock hundreds of feet down. “Our goal was to know whether there are buildings hidden in the mountains,” said Ben Sutedjo Agung said here on Tuesday, February 15, 2011.


Turangga Seta

Great was the founder Turangga Seta Foundation, an organization that got loose on the mountain of research. Bak fictional character Indiana Jones, the crew did have a passion Seta Turangga traces the history of hunting. Rather than on a desire to have, but history reveals ancestral glories of the past.

The community stood around 2004, fronted by a group of professionals in various fields.There are teachers, building contractors, civil servants, employees of private companies, as well as students. Some of them have more sensitivity to the presence of occult, or their cool term: parallel existence.

“We are all children of MIT. Not Masachussetts Institute of Technology, but Menyan Institute of Technology, “said a member of Turangga Seta Trikoyo Hery, joking. Because, in a witch-hunt of historical sites, sometimes they get support location information of‘informants invisible’.

However, because essentially they are the children who have higher education, their drive to prove that information, was flowing. Not infrequently the ‘private archaeologists’ are out at night after working hours, to dig a place in order to prove the truth of their hypothesis.



After they found the objects of history they mean, then they fill it again, without being noticed by the general public. “We worry if known many people, even taken or stolen,”said Agung.

This time, their arrival to Mount Lalakon in order to prove their theory, that there are a number of pyramids in Indonesia. One of the initial information obtained from their interpretation of the temple reliefs Upgrading.

Seta Turangga Archipelago believes that culture is older than the Sumerian Culture, Egypt, or Maya. They haqul believe Indonesia has a temple or pyramid sites are more and more magnificent than the Egyptian and Mayan civilizations.

“There are hundreds of pyramids in Indonesia, and the height not less than the pyramids of Giza in Egypt is just a 140-meter,” said Agung. Although yet to be tested scientifically, Great view similar to the theory of Professor Arysio Santos, who said Indonesia was the lost civilization of Atlantis.

This belief certainly make many people wince. Turangga Seta had time to post the particulars of their beliefs in the existence of pyramids in Indonesia an online forum.complete with photos. The result, they reap scorn and ridicule. “Later, when everything is proved, they could no longer laugh,” said Agung fiery.

sebaran lokasi Piramida-Piramida di Indonesia

Great might be boasted. But, it could not. After testing at Mount Lalakon geoelectric, the researchers who came with the Great cs. gobsmacked. They are not just any researcher.They are a top researcher. Some are well-known expert geologist, who no doubt his credibility. But because it comes in the person, their presence there would not be revealed.

“So far I have never found such subsurface structures. It’s unnatural (unnatural), “said geologist whose face was often seen in various TV stations.

Typically, a layer of soil or rock layers will be evenly spread laterally or horizontally. But the test results stated there is some sort geoelectric structure that has a shape like a pyramid, and on it there is a layer of rock tuff and breccia with alternating patterns in turn.

Tuff and breccia rock pattern is repeated transversely rather than horizontally, with the same slope. “As if this pyramid dibronjong diuruk and deliberately, so as not to landslides,” said Hery, who works as a consultant building contractor.

In subsequent follow-up video footage, geologists had pointed to a blue color formation. Ingeoelectric test results, the blue color indicates a place that has the lowest resistivity. “It may be a kind of cavity that can contain water or clay,” geologists explained. Formation was a kind of door.

What is clear, geologists continued, most likely the findings are man-made structure, because the natural process does not seem likely to produce a pattern of such rocks. “This is clearly man-made,” he said.

One of the geologists who participated in the research team to Mount Lalakon Turangga Seta first he refused, and said he did not know anything existence of pyramid-like structure beneath Mount Lalakon. But lately he implicitly admits that.

“I have no comment,” said the veteran geologist Andang Bachtiar, Wednesday, February 23, 2011. Furthermore, former Chairman of the Indonesian Geologists Association (IAGI) it says the results of the analysis was still not able to conclude anything. There are still many things that need to be proven, said Andang.

But Andang later admitted, in addition to Mount Lalakon in Bandung, he also accompanied the team tested the Seta Turangga similar hill in the area Sukahurip, Pengatikan, Garut regency, West Java.

According to Agung, his team has done testing of geoelectric and seismic tests on 18 points at several places in Indonesia. In Bandung and in Garut, they get roughly the same results.All similar: an indication of a pyramid-like structure at the bottom of the hill.

The difference, in the hill-pyramid on the Main Page not found a cavity such as doors, as well as in Bandung. “Maybe because we only tested in one part of the hillside,” said Hery Trikoyo. Unfortunately, Turangga Seta still shut their test results elsewhere.


Seta Turangga claims there are still hundreds of other pyramids spread throughout Indonesia. One other Seta Turangga frontman, Timmy Hartadi, in their Facebook page says that the pyramids were scattered in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo, Sulawesi and Papua.

Claim the discovery of a pyramid hidden in the hills, not only happening in Indonesia. This claim is also briefly appeared in Bosnia. In 2006, an author named Semir Osmanagicclaimed invention, and had said they found hidden in the hill Visocica pyramid, the city of Visoko, which is located northwest of Sarajevo.

Osmanagic says the excavation of the pyramid that involves archaeologists from Australia, Austria, Ireland, Scotland and Slovenia. However, some archaeologists called Osmanagic reject the claim.

As quoted from the site Archaeology.org, archaeologists from Canada called Osmanagic, Chris Mundigler claimed never to support or agree to work on the project. “This scheme is a vicious lie against the common people, and will never have a place in the world of science,” said an official statement from the European Association of Archaeologists.

What about the claims of the pyramid in Bandung and in Index.php?

In geomorfologis, the shape of Mount Lalakon in Bandung and Mount Sadahurip in Garut does have a shape similar to a pyramid. They have four sides are almost symmetrical.

Gunung Sadahurip, Garut, West Java

“The shape is symmetrical it really so? Pointy is very symmetrical, “said senior archaeologist Professor Edi Sedyawati at his residence in Jakarta, Wednesday, February 23, 2011.

However, said Edi, claims and test results of geoelectric still not enough to get a final conclusion. The next step is extracting the sampling experiments by loading a test bed to find out what is true there are indications of cultural layers and no traces of human activity or not.

“But this should really be asking permission archaeological excavation of ancient asylum office and involves archaeologists, because there must be accountability and reporting, from the milli milli (millimeter, red),” said Edi Sedyawati.

Seta Turangga also seek permission middle soil sampling at Mount Lalakon to the Government of West Java. “We just need to dig up the soil at the site, about 3-4 meters wide with a depth of about 3 meters,” said Agung.


Mount Lalakon

Batu Tapak, Gunung Paseban, nearby Gunung Lalakon Bandung, West JavaTread Stone, Mount Paseban, nearby Mount Lalakon Bandung, West Java

Lalakon mountain hill surrounded by several others such as hills Paseban, Pancir, Paninjoan, Pasir Malang. On the hill Paseban there are three pieces of stone, two of whom are adult human foot, and soles of the feet of children.

According to Edi, if it’s true heritage rock sole, this possibility is derived from the time of the megaliths . Palm stone has also been found in other places, such as Ciaruteun inscriptions, relicsPurnawarman King of the Kingdom Tarumanegara . “Cap soles of the feet are usually enshrined as a monument to commemorate the leader of a region,” said Edi.

Stamp of the foot is also closely related to the concept Triwikrama or three steps that evolve in time. At that time, they believe if someone will ascend into the world of the gods, they should be kicked so hard to be able to jump very high.

Gunung Lalakon, Soreang, Bandung, West JavaMount Lalakon, Soreang, Bandung, West Java

Meanwhile, on Mount Lalakon there are also several rock sites, such as Batu Lawang, Pabiasan Stone, Stone Shop, Stone Fertilizer, Renges Stone, Stone elephant, and a long stone that lies on top of the peak.

Refer According to Abah, community leaders Badaraksa Village, philosophically, Mount Lalakon are symbolic of a play of human life. The stones were representing various professions play or selected by humans.

However, the presence of the stones were often misused. Many people come to place a stone on Mount Lalakon looking pesugihan. In fact, according to Jujun, Islamic religious leaders in that place, had many people come to Batu Gajah sought inspiration gambling tail.“Many of them managed to win,” said Jujun.

Jujun explains, in Mount Lalakon also routinely held rituals starting reinforcements, namely by making the rice cone and then distributed and eaten by the population. “This event is held every year, usually every 1st Syuro.”


Mount Sadahurip

Unlike the tradition in Mount Lalakon, communities around Mount Sadahurip relatively more ‘modern’. According to Nana, of Kampung Pasir Cicapar, Mount Sadahurip nearest village, there was no tradition of starting reinforcements. The community is also not too concerned with the myth of the mountain in the past.

Gunung Sadahurip, Garut, West Java

Expert on the history of the University of Padjadjaran, Prof. Dr. Herlina Nina Lubis, said inTatar Sunda covering West Java, Banten, Jakarta, and part of Central Java province, especially the highlands such as South Banten, Cianjur, Sukabumi, Bandung, Garut, Brass, and Bogor, many cultural relics discovered megaliths . -The remains were the remains of which were stone menhirs, building terraces, a stone mortar, stone coffin tomb, stone dakon, and megalithic statues.

However, Nina explains, the history of the Tatar Sunda not recognize the building of the pyramid because there was no custom in Tatar Sunda makes building a pyramid with a height of nearly hundreds of meters as shrines. “The shrine at Tatar Sunda is often called a multi-component sites or sustainable sites,” said Nina via electronic mail.

When the prehistoric holy place known as punden staircase-steps, where ancestor worship, then when the Hindu Buddhist culture, which lived during the time Tarumanegara kingdom and the Sunda kingdom (669-1579 AD), the sanctuary continued to be used.

It’s just made ​​as linga menhir, then that too is realized by building terraces of the mountain upon which was built phallus. When the Sunda kingdom collapsed, the phallus was replaced with a headstone for the grave figure which is considered sacred.

Gunung Sadahurip, Kabupaten Garut, West Java.Mount Sadahurip, Garut regency, West Java.

When told on the hill-pyramid Bandung and Garut no sacred tomb, and a descendant of the family of Sheikh Abdul Muhyi, propagator of Islam in the region of East Priangan, who lived two centuries after the Sunda Empire collapsed, Nina tried to make a conclusion and analysis.

“I suspect that this pyramid-shaped hill, is a mandala (the hermitage of an independent villages located in remote places), which was mixed with a culture that came later (ie Hindu-Buddhist-Islamic),” said Nina.

But to uncover what is really hidden behind the pyramid-shaped hill, said Nina, the geologist must work with archaeologists to conduct excavations (disclosure).


Up to the Presidential Palace

The story about the discovery of this hill pyramid structure also seems to have been up to the Presidential Palace. An official in the presidential circle, claimed to have reported the research affairs. For more information about this, he asked not be named, considering the research that has not been completed.

“Yes, I’ve seen analysis of geoelectric and georadar her. I watched it in three dimensions.Amazing, and still mysterious. The research team was led by geologists reliable, “said the official, again, on Wednesday last week.

But, the official would not describe details of the invention. The geologists, he said, did not want disclosed to the public. “Still be explored by their research team, but the results are, indeed astonishing,” he said.

He describes, from the pyramid-shaped structure geolisitrik looked at the hill. There are terraces, like steps to the top of the pyramid. At the bottom, there is a door, and also something that looks like the hallway in it.

Struktur dalam Gunung Piramida di Indonesia

Construction of pyramid foundations in the soil, making the residents near the pyramid can not dig wells because it was blocked by hard rock as the foundation of the pyramid (pic: the horse seta)

He added that experts believe there is a kind of unusual geologic structures in the mountain resembles a pyramid. The geologist, said the court officials, risking their scientific credibility. “We’ll wait. If research and scientific evidence is complete, it will be opened to the public “.


Found ‘Stone Bronjongan’ on Mount Lalakon

The stones were neatly arranged to form an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal line.

Seta Turangga team conducting excavations on Mount Lalakon, Soreang, Bandung, West Java, since Monday this week managed to find some stone boulder which they suspect the cover stone pyramid building.

Boulder stones were found in the excavation pit with a width of about 3 meters, 5 meters long, and a depth of up to 4 meters, located at coordinates 6 ° 57.5 ‘South Latitude, 107 ° 31.239’ east longitude, and altitude of 722 meters in above sea level.

The boulder stones vary in length, between 1.1 meters to 2 meters, with a large more or less the same, namely the width of 30-40 centimeters (cm) as well as neat and orderly.

The excavation team found a stone boulder Turangga Seta compact

According to the founder Turangga Seta, General Ben Sutedjo, boulder rocks that form an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal line and leads to the central point of the pyramid.At least, the team found four stone boulder at a depth of 1.5 meters below ground level and 3.7 meters below ground surface.

Agung said the boulder stones was rock bronjongan deliberately arranged, so that the soil that covers the building of the pyramid does not collapse. The discovery of the stones ‘bronjongan’ is making some effort digger who incidentally residents around Mount Lalakon was stunned.

“If I see the ground dug by BEKO (back hoe) on the hill next to, land is not like this. This land is there the stones, such as deliberately diuruk, “said Agus Budiana Yahya, Badaraksa Village residents who are at the excavation site, Wednesday, March 16, 2011.

However, excavations have yet to find a building suspected pyramid buried under a boulder stones were found. “From the test results of geoelectric directions, should be rock solid alleged pyramid building, still be about 2 feet below subgrade excavation hole,” said Agung.

Lalakon Mountain is one of several hills that allegedly by a group Turangga Seta keep building the Pyramids. Previously, Tim Turangga Seta has been tested by means of geoelectric joint team of researchers and found an image of rock structures are ‘not natural’.

Perhaps this is a pretty tense waiting period. Is there a hill is just a fairy tale-style pyramid Bosnia pyramids are repeated, or indeed a glorious revelation of the existence of a great civilization in the archipelago that has not been revealed? We support, we wait and we all hope that the truth …




(Turangga Seta • IndoCropCircles.wordpress.com & multiple sources)


Turangga Seta


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  1. Dears, On http://users.telenet.be/kenneshugo/UVG%20Worldgrid%20%20Inca%20simulation.htm You can find the pyramid
    worldmapping in interactive Google Earth Plugin (please scroll down , left and right ) of the ancient Indonesian World Empire ; also article of me on Rusian Geolines Forum http://engeoforum.ucoz.ru/forum/21-18-1
    The UVG Unified Vector Grid is of 3 Rusian and 3 American researchers , of which Prof. Bethe Hagens USA
    Your pyramids are on a key position in that grid.

    Kindest regards Hugo Kennes Brussels

  2. […] saw Your article https://ahmadsamantho.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/apparently-indonesia-has-some-of-the-pyramids/ and leaved already comment, because i’m not sure it arrives […]

  3. Fascinating! Really great evidence, thanks for putting this online!

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