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“Islamisation of Knowledge” by Ismail Raji Faruqi

Dear members of the list,

Assalamu Alaikum. This is a good summarisation of the seminal boo “Islamisation of Knowledge” Please read the summary, then the book.The book is a diognisis of our problem and possible solution. Dr. Ismail Raji, in my judgement, was one of the few great philosophers of the last century.

Shah Abdul Hannan
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*In the name of Allah, The Creator and The Sustainer of The Universe *

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Praise Be To Allah, Lord of The Universe, And
Peace And Prayer Be Upon His Final Prophet And
Messenger. And Allah Has Brought You Forth From
Your Mother?s Womb Knowing Nothing — But
He Has Endowed You with Hearing, And Sight,
And Minds, So That You Might Have Cause

To Be Grateful.

Al-Quran, Nahl: 78

*Introduction: *

In 1977, the ?Association of Muslim Social Scientists? [established in 1972 by a group of truth-seeking youth studying at various western universities] sponsored a two-week international conference for some of the most distinguished leaders of the Islamic movement.

The participants unanimously agreed that the contemporary crisis of the Ummah was intellectual -a crisis of thought ? and the remedy was to be sought within that framework.

Their efforts culminated in the establishment of IIIT (International  Institute of Islamic Thought). Following its 1st conference in Islamabad (1982) the institute published this book Islamization of Knowledge a detailed work-plan based on the papers and speeches delivered at various Conferences by Dr. Abdul Hamid Abu Sulayman and Dr. Ismail Raji al Faruqi. IIIT presents this book as an action plan and guide to foster the awareness of the Muslim Ummah of its worth and potential, of the real cause of its civilizational crisis and of the means to overcome the malaise.

Chapter 1: The Problems

A. Malaise of the Ummah *

In this century, the Muslim Ummah stands at the lowest rung of the Ladder of nations. Muslim world, at present, is known only for its inner strife, division and turbulence, its self-contradiction, wars, threats to world-peace, its excessive wealth and excessive poverty, its famine and  epidemics. In fact, no other nation has been subjected to comparable defeats or humiliation and the whole world is led to think that, at the root of all these evils, stands the religion of Islam.

*B. Major effects of the malaise *
1. Political Character*

The colonial powers have successfully fragmented the Ummah into Some fifty or more nation-states and set them one against another. At  the Time of their withdrawal of administrations, they entrusted power to the native elite?s who had already been systematically westernized. In the Majority of cases today, Muslim countries are ruled by the military because they are devoid of  political institutions that are capable of operating the government, of mobilizing the masses for resistance, of leading them into constructive political action.

2. Economic Character *

Today, no Muslim country is fully self-sufficient even in the most strategic necessities of life ? like the stable food, clothing, energy, hardware and These needs are satisfied by colonial and post-colonial powers. Just about every Muslim State would be exposed to famine if the  Colonial power wished to stop their unfair trade with them. Even the oil-bonanza with which Allah SWT endowed some Muslim countries has not proven to be the blessing; rather it produced cosmetic development, channeled for easy and secure investment in the financial markets of the non-Muslim world Thus developed foreign economy. Unskilled population, intellectual and Cultural decline and political instability contributed to this. 

3. Cultural Character *

The western world attacked everything Islamic either directly or by their native puppets. The filled the Muslims daily life with media products newspaper, books, radio, TV, cinema, theater, record and tapes, 
street products and neon signs ? and these promoted western culture.
Muslim homes, furniture, art and culture have become a hodge-podge of
all styles discontinuous with his selfhood. But, despite all claim that
he has  westernized himself, a Muslim has, in fact, barbarized himself ? he
is neither Islamic, nor western , a cultural freak of modern times.

The core of the crisis *

There can be no doubt that the intellectual and methodological decline
Of the Ummah is the core of its malaise and the educational system is  the breeding ground of these diseases.

1. Present State of Educational in Muslim world *

Despite the tremendous expansion that has taken place in education So far, the state of Muslim education is at its worst. The colonialists Devised a well thought out strategy. The Islamic component of the curriculum in certain universities remain unchanged, partly because of conservatism and partly because it is the secularist plan to keep it out of touch with reality and modernity. In this way, the graduates will present no competition to those of the secular institutions. No Muslim government, university administration or private organization is doing anything about the sinking morale of college-youth or about their continuing de-Islamization through education. Everywhere, the race is on at Maddening speed toward copying the western model.

*2. Lack of clear vision *

Nowhere in the Muslim world is the Islamic vision taught to all Students  as the western tradition is taught to high school students as a basic study program in the west. Students in a Muslim university confront alien ideologies presented to him in textbook or classroom. That teachers in Muslim universities do not posses the vision of Islam and are not Driven its cause is certainly the greatest calamity of Muslim education. Lacking this vision and cause, they and their students never reach the totality of knowledge and are, at best, doomed to a mediocre performance.

A. Chapter II: The Task

The greatest task confronting the Muslim Ummah in the fifteenth Hijra Century is to solve the problem of education. Bifurcation of Muslim
education into an Islamic and secular system must be abolished. These two systems should be united and the whole educational system must be endowed with a mission of imparting Islamic vision and cultivating the
will to realize it on the largest scale.

B. **Integrating the two educational systems *

The Islamic education system, which consists of elementary and  secondary schools (ma’ahid Ilmiyah or diniyah), colleges (kulliyat) and universities (jamiat) must be united with the secular system of education and this should bring the advantages of both, namely, the financial resources of the state and the commitment to the vision of Islam. Steps should be taken to make this new educational system financially secure by promoting endowment, yearly portion of public fund and subsidy approved by government. If these institutions can be made autonomous, it will enable the teachers and students to seek knowledge for the sake of Allah (SWT) alone, which are necessary for any successful search for the truth. Moreover, the state should trust the educators to do their job without policing the educational establishments. It is a sure sign of decadence and tyranny when
political rulers tell educators what to teach and how to run the academic function.

C. Installing the Islamic vision

The union of the two educational systems is expected to bring Islamic knowledge to the secular system and modern knowledge to the Islamic system. With this end in view, the Ummah needs to take certain steps —
*1. Mandatory study of Islamic civilization *

The study of civilization is the only way to foster in the person a clear sense of identity. It is unbecoming of Muslims to argue that Islamic civilization will remain alive as long as it is taught in the departments of Islamic studies in the universities and the colleges or Shariah. In fact, it is indicative of their decadence that Muslims have instituted Department of Islamic Studies? in their universities. What is needed therefore as a possible antidote to this de-Islamization is a mandatory four-year study of Islamic civilization on the university level. Every student, regardless of his or her area of specialization, must undertake this course ? this imposes upon them the need to acquire a
viable amount of knowledge of the Ummah’s legacy, an adequate command
of the Ummah?s spirit, and familiarity with its civilization. Even if students belong to non-Muslim minority, it should not absolve them from fulfilling this basic requirement. Since they or their parents have adopted to become citizens of the Islamic state, they must acquire the necessary familiarity with the civilization in which they are living and with the spirit and hope that move this civilization and its compatriots.

*2. The Islamization of modern knowledge*

Before Muslims went into decline and slumber, they contributed greatly
in all fields and utilized the new knowledge efficiently to their advantage.
Today, non-Muslims are the undisputed masters of all disciplines. In 
the universities of the Muslim world, non-Muslim books, achievements,
world-view, problems and ideals are being taught to Muslim youths. In
short, Muslim youth, today, are being westernized by Muslim teachers in
Muslim universities — what a pathetic consequences! Unlike the past,
the civilizational forces can reach and overtake any one without military
invasion. They can subvert his mind, convert him to their world view,
neutralize and contain him as a puppet whether he is aware of it or 

Thats why, we are alerting the Muslim world to the evil, seeking for The first time in history to elaborate a plan, to arrest it, to combat its effects and to re-lunch Islamic education on its proper track leading  to its pre-destined goal, with the grace of Allah (SWT). The great task facing Muslim intellectuals and leaders is to recast the whole legacy of human knowledge from the viewpoint of Islam. The values of Islam should replace the western values and divert the learning activity in every field.

Let all of us seek help, guidance and rectitude from Allah (SWT), Who hears and responds to the prayers of His servants. And let our prayer Close with the words: Allah! We seek thy protection from disbelief and seek refuge in Thee from the evil of what we have taught. O Ye, the Everlasting and All-Sustainer! We fervently invoke Thy mercy so that Thou mayest set right all our affairs and may not leave us to ourselves for twinkling of an eye.
Abridged from *Islamization of knowledge* by Ismail Razi Al- Faruqi

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2 comments on ““Islamisation of Knowledge” by Ismail Raji Faruqi

  1. This is a true picture of todays problem

  2. i wana get details about islamic economic system

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