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Sign of The Last Day (Tanda-tanda Akhir Zaman)

Ini adalah film tentang tanda-tanda akhir zaman versi produksi Harun Yahya. Patut direnungkan dan dikaji secara kritis, rasional, teologis, isyraqi dan irfani.

by Huma Saeed – Tuesday, 11 November 2008, 09:21 PM

Salaam o alaikum
Brothers and sisters discussion forum is most favourinte partof this site where we can bring our thoughts and questions ahead and solve it by discussions and if we are wrong at any point one of brother or sister guides us…Alhamdulillah & Mashallah this unity and love for Islam is really worthy and meant alot to me”
My topic is Imam Mahdi (AS) & Judgement day!!!!As when we look at the signs of last hour/judgement day everything has already taken place all of the signs are done sad i have a complete video hope i can upload here if it works i will inshallah ! where as all signs are done why Imam Mahdi (as) haven’t re-appeared sad? i am scared that may be Allah (SWT) haven’t made us yet able to be guided by Imam Mahdi(as) i won’t say Allah (SWT) haven’t , i will say /must say we haven’t made ourselves yet able to be guided by holy person sad what a shame ….
And i also read once that in Quran Allah (SWT) said that : ” They ask prophet how will be the last hour, tell them only Allah (SWT) is known to it.”
Sorry i wrote in my own words …but just sharing it cause i don’t have exact words here with me at moment sad i will inshallah check out again which Surah and verse it is i think Surah Waqeea…
So’ i was wondering is it like we won’t be guided by Imam Mahdi (as) sad? cause we are still lost somehow in this world?
What is the lastest sign of coming of Imam Mahdi (as)?
What is the lastest sign of judgement day?
Cause all signs mentioned are almost done………..whats left now????
Sorry about the Quran’s words i am sorry i don’t have exact verse at the moment…i will inshallah search it out and post here:
“Brothers and Sisters if you all have any knowldge about this let share and don’t be one of the ignorants….let help each other”
May Allah’s blessings on all of us Ameen…..

by Zeynab abdullah – Wednesday, 12 November 2008, 06:44 PM

In His Name The Most High,

Ya rabb hasten our master quickly!

Salamualeykum wr wb my dear sis huma,

thank you for opening such a nice topic.May Allah give you the best in here and here after.

I think the signs are more noticeable when u are living in muslim countries.Here are the 33 signs before of our master’s re-apperance that i got from AIM site:

1.The dark of night will not be deemed necessary for the commitment of sins.
2.Extravagant mansions will be constructed.
3.Singers will be considered respectable.
4.War shall be prevalent .
5.Gambling will be prevalent.

6.People will fear living in their own houses.
7.Dajjal shall come and shall have one eye
8.Land shall be turned into deserts
9.Earthquakes and Volcano’s and other natural disasters shall be common.
10.Good deeds will be few and far between.

11.False guides will mislead the multitudes.
12.Posts will be many, but practical teachers a few.
13.Mosques will be decorated profusely but urge towards adoration will be absent.
14.The rate of accidental deaths will be on the rise.
15.The rich will become godless and the devout will become sinful.

16.Leaders of opinion will be corrupt and overbearing.
17.False witnesses will be accepted and true ones rejected
18.The Quran will be considered as an old ancient book
19.A person spending money on sinful purposes will not be criticised.
20.People will thrust their personal opinions in the religion.

21.Usury (Interest) will be considered lawful.
22.The virtuous will be despised for their faith in God.
23.Human beings will be followers of selfish desires.
24.Pride will be taken for oppressive tendencies.
25.Good people will observe silence due to fear of wicked persons foul speech.

26.Tale bearing and backbiting will be considered as good and will be prevalent.
27.A wealthy person will command more respect then a pious person.
28.Children will curse their parents and will pray for their early death.
29.Payments will be taken for rendering religious services in Mosques.
30.There will be two eclipses in the Month of Ramadhan.

31.Recitaton of the Holy Quran will be considered as a burden
32.Homosexuality will be prevalent
33.The land will crumble and sink thrice in the East, the west and Arabian peninsula

– These are some of the signs.
– Most of these signs have occured,some did not occur, and some are occuring
– May Allah protect us from hell fire.
– Please pray for the hastening of the reappearance of Imam.

What i mean by the signs are more noticeable when u are in Muslims country is,the current condition of muslim are worst because they believe in Islam but did not practice it righteously and far more worst when ahl bayt(as) followers are gone astray due to the love for wordly desires.Its indeed is happening now where people are not safe anymore even in their own house.Theif should not dare to become a theif when ruler are following islamic rulings but when when muslims rulers did not following it,the theif becoming like kings and now they even dare to kill people because of what they wanted.

Another example:

23.Human beings will be followers of selfish desires.

This sign is happening now where the arabs region become selfish and letting the kufars to kill other muslims in iraq,iran and afghanistan and ofcourse Palestine.And as well,in some muslims countries they blocked Islamic teachings and did not allow the teachings to be practiced by the muslims because they are following communism or Liberal ideologies. Like the Turkey and Tajikistan.

I think most of the signs are happening and only God knows when Imam Mahdi(ajs) will come. The faithful believers will feel it so near while the unfailthful servant will not even think about it.

The latest sign could be, the economical problems that the world is facing now.USA especially are going down and for surely they will fall down because everything in this world is temporary. And as well, am not sure but i read somewhere that the Iraqis will chase away the invaders by their ownselves.I think it might be happened soon due to the death toll that is keep raising for the American army in Iraq.

We are guided when we want to be guided. Allah wont force since we have our own free will.To be guided by Imam Mahdi(ajs) is to be guided by our own wills for Allah. Purfication of the heart and soul is needed. Ayatollah behjat says which is sounding like this : “The garden of al hujjah is the heart of a faithful.” so it means Imam Mahdi(ajs) will be near to the faithful person where his/her heart is always with Allah and respectively following the manners for rasulAllah(sawaws).May Allah keep us in the garden of al hujjah(ajs). ya Allah our sins is higher than mountains and deeper than sea..may You ,our Lord be our strenght and make us to be the powerful enemies of satan.ameen inshaAllah.

with duas,

by Huma Saeed – Thursday, 13 November 2008, 08:08 AM

Salaam o alaikum
Sister Zainab, “your the sweetest Muslima”, Thank you for your sweetest reply…for sharing your thoughts here… May Allah guide us all toward Him…Ameen…
Zainab thank you for posting the 33 major signs of Imam Mahdi(AS) /Judgment day…actually what i meant here is that Every sign have taken place already….i use to hear since childhood that at the end when people will be done with all weapons they will start killing each other with stones; i think thats almost happening in Palestine ,Iraq & Kashmir. Kashmir is prey of Hindus voilence since 60 + yearssad
Actually nowadays i am very scared of judgment i am waiting anxiously for Imam Mahdi(AS) cause i am so scared the way judgment day is gonna occour…onto us……i mean…O_o’….that all happening of it is scarry i am in a rush to meet Imam Mahdi (AS) cause we all momins will only be peaceful after the re-appearance of Imam Mahdi(AS) ^-^..Inshallah……
& yes you are right it is going to be very soon very very soon………..huh every morning i am somehow like waiting for that shine that is going to happen before the re-appearance….^-^
May Allah shower us with His blessings Ameen……

by Zeynab abdullah – Thursday, 13 November 2008, 01:33 PM

In His Name The Most High,

waaleykumsalam wr wb my sweetheart Huma..^-^

may Allah keep our eyes on our Imam Mahdi’s(ajs) movement.

It doesnt matter what is happening now..but Allah’s promises will be happened.

We are sad and sad..for our own selves who is sinful..and our Imam mahdi(ajs)..is like his grandfather..RasulAllah(sawaws)..are the mercy to the sinful like us and a disaster for satans’ worshipper.May Allah refrain us from being satan’s follower.

And you are too..a charming muslimah.May Allah keep us in jannah together with prophet Muhammad(sawaws),his house hold(as),anbiya wa mursaleen wa awliya Allah.ameen InshaAllah.

with love to you and all,

by N. Rashidi – Saturday, 15 November 2008, 10:00 PM

In the name of Allah, the Most High

Dear My sisters Huma and Zeynab ;Salaamon Alikom

You have started a valuable discussion with informative answers indeed! May God help us in following Islam to the fullest.

I would like to add to this interesting discussion this point that; we are living in the age of Imam Mahdi’s (a.t.f.s.) major occultation. So what are our responsibilities? Undoubtedly our prime duty is to know Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) and to become closer to him. Knowing him is of such importance and sensitivity that.

‘O Allah, make me recognize Your Self.
Certainly if You do not make me recognize Your Self, I will not recognize Your Messenger.
O Allah make me recognize Your Prophet.
Certainly if you do not make me recognize Your Prophet, I will not recognize Your Hujjat.
O Allah ! make me recognize Your Hujjat.
Certainly if You do not make me recognize Your Hujjat I will go astray in my religion.”

Be prepared for being among the Helpers of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.)

“0 you who believe! Be patient and excel in patience and remain steadfast and be careful of (your duty to) Allah, that you may be successful”.
Ale Imran 3:200 )
Hazrat Imam Baqer(p.b.u.h.) explains the commentary of this verse:
“Have patience in fulfilling the religious obligations, Excel in patience in facing your enemies. And be in contact with your Imam who is awaited”.
(Ghaibat-e-Nomani. pg.27, Yanabiul Mawadda pg.421)

What are our duties during occultation? What should we do to make him satisfied?

Ans . We can divide the answer in three parts.

1 To Await (Intezar)

2 To recite recommended supplications during the occultation (Dua)

3 Purifying the self (Taqwa.)

1. Awaiting:-

To await for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) is highly recommended right from the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.&h.f.) till Imam-e- Zaman (a.t.f.s.) himself. There are plenty of traditions to prove this. The Holy prophet (p.b.u.h.&h.f.) said, “Best deed (Amal) of my nation is to wait for Faraj (Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.)).” ” One who await for reappearance and Faraj of Imam Mahdi. Is like the one who gives his blood in the way of Allah.” If we refer the Islamic books under the title of Intezar Faraj we can find plenty of traditions about Intezar.

2. Recommended Duas during occultation:

There are many Dua’s recommended to be recited during the occultation, of which some of them are recommended by Imam himself, such as Ziyarate Ale Yasin, Dua-e-Istighasa, Dua-e-Nudbah, Ziyarat-e-Sardab etc.

3. Taqwa:-

In the traditions, it is said that during the occultation a person who waits for him should be pious. He should have firm belief in Allah, Prophet and Imams. He should refrain from sin and try to protect the religion and belief of the people. They should try to guide the people towards the right path so that the ground for his reappearance is ready. The Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.&h.f.) was sitting with some of his companion and suddenly he said

“Alas! I wish I could meet my brothers.” Abu Bakr and Umar said, “Are we not your brothers? We believe in you and we migrated with you” The Holy Prophet replied,

“You are my companions. You accepted Islam and migrated with me but “Alas I wish I could meet my brothers..!” Again they asked the same question, Holy Prophet replied the same answer. Then they asked “O, Prophet who are those people? The Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.&h.f.) replied, “My brothers are those who are during the Akher-uz-zaman. They will believe in me although they have not seen me.”

Also the following book is useful about the subject:

Duties of Shias towards Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s.)

By Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Musavi Isfahani

Translated into English by:Syed Athar Husain S.H. Rizvi

Al-Qalam Translators & Writers Bureau

May Allah hasten Imam Zaman(a.t.f.s.) reappearance !

Best Regards!

Picture of Zeynab abdullah
by Zeynab abdullah – Sunday, 16 November 2008, 06:11 PM
In His Name The Most High,Salamualeykum wrw bw,indeed dear teacher..

a waiting is a fulfillment. When we are waiting for our death,surely we will fill the moment of waiting with a total slavery for Allah. When we are waiting for our wedding day,we will surely fill it with lots of steadfastness for our mate and preparation for that happy day. And for surely,when we are waiting for our love al-hujjah(ajs) to come , the mercy from heaven..we should set a beautiful dress and garden for him to be with us. And the beautiful dress is iman,the zain al abideen and the garden is our 3mal the loyalty towards Allah and his Rasul(sawaws).

with duas,


by Huma Saeed – Tuesday, 18 November 2008, 08:12 AM
Salaam o alaikum
Brothers and sisters ^-^ here as some nice words of our beloved Muhammad (s.a.w) about jedgement day :”(Remember) the day when We will summon every people with their Imam (guide); then whosoever is given his book in his right hand, then these shall read their book (joyfully) and they shall not be dealt with unjustly”. (17:71)In explaining the above verse, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, “(On that day) everyone will be summoned with the Imam of their time, Book of their Lord and the Sunnah (tradition) of their Prophet”. (Namoona)
The foremost principle of Ali, Abu Turab (as)’s life was: Having firm belief and faith in Almighty Allah (SWT). Ali, Abu Turab (as) therefore based his entire life upon the teachings and guidance of Holy Quran. That’s why Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “Ali is with Quran and Quran is with Ali”.

Ali, Abu Turab (as) said, “Ask me (anything) about the Book of Allah (Holy Quran). By Allah! There is not a single verse which was revealed during night or day, during travel or at home, but the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) read it to me and taught me its meanings…” (Amali of Shaykh al-Toosi)

Ali, Abu Turab (as) also said, “If authority is given to me and I have to act as a judge, I will judge the followers of Tawrat from Tawrat, the followers of Injeel from Injeel, the followers of Zaboor from Zaboor and followers of Furqan (Quran) from Furqan. By Allah! There is not a single verse which has been revealed during night or day, in the field or in the mountains but that, I possess its knowledge as to where it was revealed and for whom it was revealed”.

^-^ Regards…


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