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Summer Short Course in ICAS Jakarta 2008

Summer Short Course

in ICAS Jakarta

A Study Text on Islamic Philosophy Book


  1. To get a deeper understanding on philosophical studies
  2. To have a comprehensive view and to develop philosophical thought in the context of theme Quranic Revelation and the Prophetic teachings
  3. To familiarize students with classical philosophical text directly and to have a sufficient grasp on the method and contents.


A. Islamic Philosophy for Beginner (Speaker: Ikhlas Budiman)

Study Text on the Book of “Bidayatul Hikmah” by Alamah Tabatabaei

> 6 sessions every Friday at 10 am:

> Schedule: 5, 8, 15, 22, 29 Aug and 5 Sept.

Chapter for Discussed:

  1. Chapter I: General Principle of Existence
  2. Chapter II: The Division of Existence into External and Mental
  3. Chapter III: The division of Existence into Existence-in-itself and Existence-in-something-else, Existence-for-itself and Existence-for-something-else
  4. Chapter IV: The Three Modes: Necessity, Contingency and Impossibility

B. Introduction to Ontology (Speaker: Muhammad Bagir)

Consist of 6 sessions every Friday at 3 pm:

  1. Book of “Al Masya’ir” by Mulla Sadra (3 Session; 1,8,15 Aug)

  2. Book of “Al Isyarat Wa Attanbihat” by Ibn Sina (3 Session; 22,29 Aug & 5 Sept)

Charge on every program: Rp. 300.000,- (incl. text copy and coffee break)

(For Students of ICAS Jakarta is FREE!)

Further info please contact: ICAS Jakarta 021-765 1534 (Ahmad Samantho)

3 comments on “Summer Short Course in ICAS Jakarta 2008

  1. saya ingin mengetahui tetang riwayat hidup ibnu sina

  2. Subhanallah. .aku ingin mempelajri metode2 pengobtn dri ibnu sina

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